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Ethan McElveen

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Ethan McElveen

Birthdate:  August 1, 604

Don’t be fooled by Ethan’s solemn expression in his portrait– he is a wild, rambunctious little guy who is always into everything and loves to play outside. It seems he could climb before he could walk and his serious, neat, meticulous, squeamish mother, Laney Redbird McElveen, is at quite a loss of how a child of hers is so much trouble.  Ethan is the youngest of two children; his older sister’s name is Charlotte, an outgoing social butterfly who competes with Ethan for attention, but also helps mommy with him sometimes.  His father is Declan McElveen.

Ethan McElveen’s Sims 2 Profile.  Ethan’s TS4 birthdate was originally altered, making him born in 603 instead of 604, to make sense without toddlers and once toddlers were added I decided to return his birthday to his original one, August 1, 604.


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  1. chealsycat says:

    He’s adorable! <3

  2. Thanks, Chealsycat! I played his household a little last night and he was perfect in game – big personality!

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