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Erle Radcliff

August 19, 2017      In Falls Bridge 2 Comments

Erle Radcliff, Summer 2018

Erle Radcliff seems pretty quiet when you first meet him, and he is somewhat reserved, and tends to procrastinate.  However, he is also a fastidious person who can be assertive when he believes it is important.  He also has a great imagination and can be quite clever, and playful.  His patience and long-term approach helped him win over his best friend, Bee, to eventually marry him.   Erle looks forward to gardening in his retirement, but when the family first returned to Falls Bridge, he took a job as a cashier at the general store to help out while Karina and Jack (his daughter’s partner) get on their feet financially.

Born:  August 1952

Astrological Sign:  Capricorn

Aspiration:  Knowledge/Family (Lifetime Want = Max out 7 Skills)

Personality:  Fastidious (8), Reserved (4), Procrastinating (1), Imaginative (8), Assertive (5)

Genetics:  Brown hair, green eyes, S2, no freckles, glasses

Romance:  Wife, Bee Radcliff,  0 bolts

Children: Karina Radcliff

Grandchildren:  Oz Radcliff

Friendship:  Bee (wife), Oz (grandson), Karina (daughter)


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  1. maisie says:

    Hopefully his daughter and family get on their feet soon so that he can retire and get to that garden. It’s nice that he’s devoted to this family and helps them. It’s nice that they’ll get all this time with Oz, and family holidays will be fun too.

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