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Simone Endeavor

Birthdate:  October 8, 578

Simone is the youngest child of Jackson and Chloe McElveen.  Her big brother is Declan McElveen.  She married George Endeavor and they have a daughter, Sienna Endeavor, and live with Simone’s parents in the garden district of Simdale Valley.  Simone would love to have more children, but doctors had told her that she was infertile, and she and George had “one day” plans to adopt.  Then, in October 605, against all odds, Simone conceived.

She is a contemporary of Chelsea Finnbar.

Simone is the most laid-back member of her extended family, and has a somewhat permissive, but very nurturing parenting style, which contrasts sharply with her older sister-in-law, Laney McElveen‘s, parenting style.  Simone is a Libra, outgoing, romantic, gregarious, playful, and not very organized.  She loves nature.  Her dress is boho-chic.

Until recently, she worked part-time as the lifeguard manager at the Simdale Valley Pool.  Simone majored in Drama at Fiesta Tech.

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4 Comments so far:

  1. She’s beautiful! I love her back story! 🙂

  2. maisie says:

    Simone looks lovely in her TS4 version. I like all the personality details that you put in your profiles.

    • Thanks, Maisie! I like how she turned out… although I made her face a bit long and when I randomized for Sienna some of the results were kind of funny looking. I could always go in and manually change them just a bit if they come out too freaky, or go ahead and adjust her face a little but I think I’ll leave it. However, when I was figuring out her fertility rate today, she rolled for -50% base fertility rate, so she may not have many kids anyway, which is ironic since she’s a family sim.

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