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Sienna Endeavor

Birthdate:  June 5, 600

Sienna Endeavor is the only child of George Endeavor and Simone McElveen Endeavor.  She lives with her parents and her grandparents, Chloe and Jackson McElveen, in the garden district of Simdale Valley.  Sienna is the same age as her cousin, Charlotte, who lives just across the street, and Harrison Petite, who lives outside town, but goes to school with Sienna.

Sienna is a Scorpio, a headstrong girl, from a very young age.  Everything about Sienna is pronounced; she does nothing half-hearted.  Sienna prefers to be alone, although she is close to her granddad and likes sitting with him at the piano.  She is very active, very neat, very mischievous, and also is used to getting her way or at least, expressing herself clearly.   Her aunt Laney is convinced that she could be wrangled into submission with proper parenting, but Sienna’s parents, and even her grandparents, value her individuality too much to break her spirit.


Endeavor Sienna profileSienna’s Sims 2 Profile


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  1. maisie says:

    Sounds like Sienna has the right parents for her personality. I hate to see people try to break another person’s spirit. 🙁 How sweet that she enjoys sitting at the piano with her Grandpa. <3

    • Sienna came out with every personality scale at one end or the other, none in the middle, in Sims 2, which I interpreted to mean a very strong personality. It’s been fun playing her while getting her set up in Sims 4. But I can just imagine Laney, whose children have much less headstrong personalities, feeling like she could do better with Sienna. Although Charlotte, Laney’s daughter, had like 9 or 10 for extroversion and drove Laney crazy as a toddler. Thanks for commenting!

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