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George Endeavor

Birthdate:  July 1, 578

George Endeavor is a descendant of two of the first founders of Simdale Valley, George Fish and Chloe Endeavor.  He is very happily married to Simone McElveen, and they have a daughter, Sienna.  They live in the garden district of Simdale Valley, with his mother and father-in-law.  George’s best childhood friend was James Petite.

He is a Virgo:  a neat, introverted person, with a serious  (although non-conventional) mindset.   George prefers the household and the parenting to be a little more structured than Simone, but he is also willing to let her set the tone since he is often more withdrawn into his own world of writing, drawing, or tinkering.

George is a kind of Renaissance man… he majored in Art at PSU, got a master’s in Architecture, and helped design the Simdale Valley primary school as a partner in a prestigious Port Prominence firm.  However, he left all that and now he is working as a barista in Port Prominence while writing, hopefully, the Great American Novel.  Luckily, Simone is also a free spirit kind of person, and doesn’t mind that he gave up a career in Architecture to write.   George also loves tinkering.

George’s Sims 2 Profile


Endeavor George profile


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  1. maisie says:

    Curious how his writing ambitions will fair in TS4. Nice that Simone is a free spirit along with him.

    • Some of my sims are in “fake careers” as Laura puts it… they are teachers, etc, but are technically in the Secret Agent or Business career because it is a lot of paperwork up till the higher levels. But without an architecture career, and with George being so creative, I decided to have him be my author, since that’s a ‘real” career in Sims 4. Thanks so much for all your comments, Maisie!

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