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Emily Hodson

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Emily Hodson

January 24, 2018      In Falls Bridge 2 Comments


Emily Hodson at age 12 months, April 2020

Born:  April 4, 2019

ParentsRaine Hodson (father), and Lexie Hsu Hodson (mother)

Siblings:  Twin sister, Charlotte Hodson,  Aston Hodson (on dad’s side)

Astrological Sign:  Cancer

Aspiration:  Grow Up

Personality: Neat (7), Shy (0), Active (6), Playful (8), and Willful (4)

Hobby:  Emily likes playing with blocks and shape sorter (tinkering) best

Genetics:   black hair,  aqua eyes, S4, no freckles, no glasses


Friendship:  At age one, Emily is a daddy’s girl (100) but she is already friends with her mom and brother, Aston as well as her twin, Charlotte.


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  1. maisie says:

    These twins are super adorable! <3

  2. Thanks! I meant to say on Charlotte’s comment, that after getting the pictures of them right next to each other I can see that Emily takes after Lexie and Charlotte takes after Raine, but they both have all of Raine’s coloring, skin, eyes, and hair.

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