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Elation and Sorrow

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Elation and Sorrow

Take Me to the Moon 5.14

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Narrated by Ranen, AKA Ronan Tate


My new family has experienced such a wide range of emotions in just a few days.

Elise and I fell in love and took solemn vows to each other and our future offspring, at the sacred rock carved by my people when they reached earth.  On the rock is the distilled wisdom of generations before me, which is best translated, “Always Defer to the Greater Good; That is most reliably found in Kindness in the Moment.   Seek Truth, which is synonymous with Love.  Do not yield to Fear or Hate.  Nurture Hope.

TS4 2015-06-30 11-20-31-76

“I can see our future together; I can see our offspring secure and well.”

TS4 2015-06-30 11-21-59-25

“Now it is your turn, my love.”

TS4 2015-06-30 11-21-33-57

Elise closed her eyes and pictured herself and her love, bearing children and growing old. She pictured nurturing their children.

Elise said she was happy to make our vows in a way most meaningful to me, because she had never seen the purpose in weddings the way humans do them.  She said, “of course we are purposeful in our choice of each other, but why spend a small fortune and wear a white dress?”  I was concerned that her family members may feel sad or left out.

Elise and I weren’t sure what kind of welcome I would receive from her family.

TS4 2015-06-30 10-21-12-38

But I found a kindred spirit with her dad.  He favors Captain Picard’s measured approach, where I have found Chris Pine’s Captain Kirk to be the most entertaining, at least.  Her dad joked, he even feels like a Star Trek captain, meeting an actual alien.

TS4 2015-06-30 10-27-46-96

Both Elise’s mom and dad had lots of questions about my home world, Ae, and the other planets I have knowledge of.

TS4 2015-06-30 10-31-58-85

Meanwhile, Zoe was working late, trying to get all her reports done for work the next day.

TS4 2015-06-30 09-11-14-69

Everything seemed still and quiet at the house

TS4 2015-06-30 09-15-48-95

But Zoe ventured outside, in a trance, and was taken

TS4 2015-06-30 09-16-30-37

The family waited to see how she would be on her return.  Elise tried to pass the time by caring for her plants. and working on a serum distilled from the orb fruit of my ancestral planet, but she wasn’t able to concentrate well enough to follow the procedures she had determined earlier and the serum failed.

TS4 2015-06-30 08-25-52-88

Finally, hours later, Zoe was returned to us.

TS4 2015-06-30 09-17-12-81

She was dazed, and needed sleep.

TS4 2015-06-30 09-17-51-91

The next morning, Ewan accused Elise of bringing this on the family by becoming involved with an alien.   She explained that the aliens who were doing the abductions, were not my people.   And even if they were, it wouldn’t necessarily implicate me as a perpetrator of these events.

TS4 2015-06-30 08-38-07-59

My new brother-in-law, Ewan, was understandably very distressed about his wife’s well-being.  I felt responsible to help.

TS4 2015-06-30 09-32-07-62

Elise encouraged him to talk to me.  I tried to explain my people’s view of the abductions.  We believe that these abductions are being perpetuated by a renegade band of so-called scientists, of the same advanced people whose ancestors helped my ancestors engineer the technology needed to open wormholes.  This allowed my people to leave my planet for other livable worlds, when Ae was bombarded by meteors and became unable to continue to sustain our population.  My people believe that these abductions of human “subjects,” is a small part of just one of many research projects the alien scientists are currently pursuing.   This particular band has no discernible regard for human consent, since they do not see humans as capable of being informed enough to give consent.   They say that humans cannot possibly understand the need, on a galactic level, of dozens of races, to understand the biology of other races and that it is their mission to study and catalog it.

TS4 2015-06-30 11-09-06-59

Ewan asked why this group is allowed, by my people, or their own people, to continue to perpetrate these “experiments.”

TS4 2015-06-30 11-09-43-23

I explained that my people don’t have the resources to police their activities; and it is unknown exactly what measures their own justice system has put into place.  But the galaxy is a big place, and the fact is, they are able to pursue their own agenda, at least for now, without evidence of reprisals.  I told him I wish I could do something, and will continue to watch for such an opportunity.  Then I  excused myself, feeling uncomfortable with the situation and knowing that what my brother-in-law needs, is assurance this will not happen again, which I can not provide.   As I left the room, I heard him yell after me, “This can’t be allowed!” and my heart hurt for him.

TS4 2015-06-30 11-10-28-21

Meanwhile, within her finite self, in the period of only one rotation of this planet on it’s axis, Elise felt the elation of finding true love, in all the universe, and also, the heavy heart of not knowing if her beloved grandmother was safe, and not knowing where she was.

TS4 2015-06-30 09-06-21-82

While at work, she was paged to the front desk, and given the news that her grandmother had been declared a missing person.

TS4 2015-06-30 09-39-42-64

We met again by the big rock where we made our vows.  How I wish I could make everything better for my love, for her family.

TS4 2015-06-30 10-50-48-26

As she left work early, to be with family, there were picketers at the gates of our science facility, shouting “Aliens Must Be Deported!” and holding up signs, claiming that aliens were responsible not only for the abductions, but for all the missing people in the area in the past, as well as the disappearance of the elderly Pancakes and Bella Goth.  Elise shook her finger at them.  “Don’t scapegoat aliens!”

“We’re just want to be safe,” the woman said.  “We’re not targeting anyone.”

TS4 2015-06-30 09-56-50-25

Elise tells me that “safety” has been used throughout human history to justify atrocities and discrimination.

Gameplay Notes:

  • I took a lot more liberties with the story in this post than I have, since my reprimand from Delaney and Alexander.  However, as I explained in the last post, Bella and the Pancakes’ culling was a last straw for me and knowing how close Bella and Elise were, I am not willing to act like nothing happened.  Even though, gameplay-wise, no one is even aware that Bella ever existed.  Elise did have two of her gloomy moods, which is when I got the pictures of her being sad.
  • The satellite that the family has been using to prevent abductions requires being set every 24 hours, and in the excitement over Elise and Ranen’s elopement, and meeting her parents, I forgot to set it early enough.  Next thing I knew, Zoe was abducted (I missed the abduction, and only got shots of her return.)  Of course, gameplay Ewan does not blame Ranen, but I decided to work in a small plotline anyway, since we’ve already got the missing persons plot.  Telling it from Ranen’s point of view made  me feel the best about not inferring a lot of thoughts and feelings of family members, which in gameplay, don’t even exist.  But Ewan did look very concerned about Zoe when she was dazed.
  • Ranen and Alexander are both geeks, so Alexander finally has someone to “Debate Captains” with!  And both Delaney and Alexander’s Xenophilia emotion read “Behaving Like the Captain of a Space Journey.”  Ewan, once he became friends with Ranen, also had the same Xenophilia emotion.  I wonder how those are determined.
  • Although I couldn’t bring it out much in this post, Ranen is a Goofball Geek who Loves the Outdoors.  He has the Renaissance Sim knowledge aspiration.
  • I wanted Elise and Ranen to elope at the rock on the highway at the science facility, but when I made him playable to keep him from being culled, there was not any way to have him at the science facility at the same time as Elise, so I made a set to hopefully look similar to the area where the Sacred Rock is.

9 Comments so far:

  1. cathytea says:

    This was such a great chapter! I love the way the plot elements are developing–it doesn’t feel like liberties at all; it feels very much like organic developments from the characters and the game events.

    I sure love Ranen and his philosophy! Sounds like the Dalai Lama (looks a little like him, too!)

    Elise is so great–such a free thinker!

    I really enjoy the Xenophilia hidden trait–so far all my playables have it. There must be Xenophobia, though, to cause the tense moodlets that some Sims get when meeting an alien.

  2. Carla says:

    Wow, Elise and Ronan didn’t waste any time, did they? But that does sort of seem to fit for Elise, doesn’t it?

    Ronan must feel rather powerless with all these abductions going on and people expecting him (and those like him) to be able to do something about it. :\ I hope Ewan, especially, is able to let go of that blame when Zoe settles back in at home. It’s going to make for awkward family dinners otherwise!

    So seeing the game has culled Bella, there’s no chance of her coming back? 🙁 I can’t believe that made it so that no one even remembers her! Geez…so much for neighbourhood cohesion!

    • Elise got the whim to marry Ranen (his alien name; Ronan is his earth alias) during that first date! So I went with it, because it is a legacy and she is getting close to being a full adult. I agree, it is tough for Ranen, since he had nothing to do with it and can’t do anything about it. Zoe was uncomfortable, too, when she discovered Ranen was an alien, unlike Elise, Delaney, and Alexander.

      I’m still trying to decide what to do about the culling; do nothing, or a couple other options. And I”m really hoping the mod works well because that lack of neighborhood cohesion is a big issue to me.

  3. maisie says:

    I liked this being told in Ronan’s point of view (I like that as his human name, it’s a nice name). I’m totally cool with sub-plots that don’t exactly follow the gameplay, though I only know if you tell me because I have zero personal experience with TS4. I really like that they can talk about captains! I like both captains.

    I didn’t expect Elise to get married so quickly, but think it’s great that they did. As you said, it is a legacy, and she is getting older (I still can’t believe how old everyone is!). Hopefully Zoe is feeling better and more like herself soon. It is crazy to me how frequently the alien abductions are, one day without it set and abduction!? Those seem like high odds, I can see why you have it in place.

    • Hi Maisie! The Geek interactions are really fun. They get so into those captain debates, it’s hilarious. But they can only do it with another Geek.

      As far as Elise’s wedding, it was a fun ride and I just went with it. I actually know some people who seem so logical and orderly about everything, but then make impulsive decisions in their personal life, so it fit to me that she might do that. Plus, there had already been two big fancy weddings this generation and it was enjoyable to have something different.

      I think they may have adjusted the abduction odds downward, or at least the chance of pregnancy as a result; at first I think simmers were complaining it was too hard to get abducted. I’m just glad to have the satellite to help minimize it happening all the time.

      Thanks for commenting; I know you are so busy these days!

  4. moondansr says:

    I started reading this before, but was still so upset about Bella disappearing that I couldn’t stop wondering if I should mod my game. Even though I looked up the mods you mentioned I remain indecisive and would love to know how that’s been working for you at this point and whether you’re still using the same mods to prevent culling.

    This is another one of my favorite chapters. I guess I super enjoy it when you slip out of “watch” mode, even though I enjoy your story normally too. The idea of different groups of aliens thrilled me and I felt like my aliens in my new story might be a little too one demential. Maybe I need a group that has broken away from the control of The Great Computer. 🙂

    I had no idea that the rock wasn’t the one by the science center, so to me you did a good job. The concern from Ewan about Zoe was touching and I’m glad you wrote things just the way you did. Hope the school year is treating you well.

    • Oh, I’m really glad you enjoyed the alien story, and I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with yours, too.

      It is upsetting when the sims are culled out of the game so aggressively by the game engine! The no culling mod did an amazing job; I used it up until about 2 weeks ago, when I decided to only use Deaderpool’s MC Command Center and allow the game to cull, but MC Command center has settings to prevent the culling of family ghosts and another to provide death notifications. I liked having no sims culled, but some people think with no culling at all, the game probably will implode sooner or later, and I want the game to last at least four more generations. MC Command Center population and cleaner modules have been working very well for me. The population module has a setting that keeps the game from generating sims just for joggers and walkbys, and now most of the walkbys are playables, which I love. I also am very happy with the pregnancy and woohoo modules. The pregnancy module allows non active sims to get pregnant (and have babies) to add to the population, and the woohoo module has a lot of the kind of settings Autonomous Casual Romance had in Sims 2, which was always my favorite addition to the game (especially risky woohoo and autonomous try for baby). With the latest game update, Deaderpool updated the MC Command Center within two days, so there wasn’t hardly any downtime, either. I figure the upcoming Get Together pack might require longer for her to test and update, and I like the mod so much I’ll probably wait to install Get Together after she comes out with an update for it.

      As for the new school year, our school doubled in size and it is pretty overwhelming right now. We also have about 1/3 new teachers, so between the new students and new teachers I feel like I can’t even keep up with the needs at all. I am certain it will get better, but not sure if it will get better before the end of this year, or sometime next year. Thanks so much for asking. Between my newfound love of mountain biking (which helps the stress a lot) and the work, I’ve pulled back a lot on simming, for now.

      • moondansr says:

        Wow, you’re dealing with a lot of change school wise. I can only imagine what that’s like. It’s great that mountain biking is helping. I expect you get to see some amazing views sometimes. That would be the only reason I’d do anything with the word mountain in it. 😉

        I’m going to try out MC Command Center again. I tried it before but my game ended up being corrupt. I really think it had to do with the game itself and not the mod though. I’ve never had to pull everything so often as I have with this version on the sims. I’m crossing my fingers and putting it in.

        • I have automatic updates in Origin turned off, and when I hear there is a game update, I take out the mod folder before updating. It’s a pain, but I guess it is better than botching the game. Ha, you aren’t a big fan of mountains? 🙂 Actually, here where I live, We really only have hills, not mountains.

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