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Easy Babies

January 27, 2018      In Falls Bridge 4 Comments

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April 2020

Raine Hodson is 38 years old, Lexie Hodson is 39, Aston Hodson is 7, Charlotte and Emily Hodson are 12 months old.

Narrated by Raine Hodson

The girls have just had their first birthday, and it amazes me how smoothly it has gone for Lexie and I, considering we were newlyweds parenting my son, Aston, and newborn twins.

Lexie loves being a mother.  She’s taken some extra family leave, but she’s also managed to get a promotion this spring in her career as a journalist, which allows her to write from home more and travel less.

Lexie must be one of those rare two percent who can actually multitask.  Anyone who can read while parenting toddlers is gifted, that’s for sure.

Charlotte, our older twin, is more laid back and cooperative than Emily, the younger one.  Emily gets a little more willful and grumpy, and she’s also more active than Charlotte.  But both of them are “easy babies.”

And with Laksmi, the nanny who cared for Aston since he was little, and Pippi, Aston’s dog, the twins never lack for attention and we’ve had enough help to manage easily.

Laksmi is a godsend.  She’s always either caring for one of the children, cleaning, or, if everything else is done, she seeks out Pippi and gives her some love.  I think Laksmi’s calming presence is the only reason Pippi is as well trained as she is.  Pippi’s only a little older than the twins, and she could be really rambunctious and destructive.

Aston is thriving.  He’s making all E’s in first grade, and needs remarkably little help with his homework.

He’d been asking to go roller skating, and I had a little extra time one afternoon, so we went to the roller rink.  We both ended up on the floor right away.

But we ended up having a great time helping each other.

Aston isn’t as close with Jack and Karina’s boy, Oz, anymore, but he has other friends from school.  Oz is a little older than Aston and he has fewer rules and expectations, so it’s probably for the best.

The only problem we’ve had is that our house is just too small.  When the twins were born, we thought we could manage pretty well, although we planned to move eventually.  We turned the dining room into a nursery.  While the girls were infants, that was adequate.  But now that they are crawling around, even though the dining room is ok as a nursery, the rest of the spaces are just too cramped.  We literally have to potty train the girls in the kitchen, and there’s only one small bathroom, which is upstairs.  Just getting up and down the stairs past each other can be a real aggravation when emptying the potties.

I can’t believe how lucky we’ve been, though.  I have left the day to day running of the general store to Erle Radcliff, who is capable.  I finished my upper management course before the girls were born, and have been able to make a lot of money as a business consultant to other local stores trying to compete with big chains.  My last commission was $25,000!  And I’ve been investing in the stock market and we have done well.

So one night at dinner, after Lexie and I had talked about it, we told Aston we were going to move to a bigger house soon.  We’ve already talked with Aston about the fact that we plan to have more children, too, and he excitedly asked if new brothers or sisters were part of this deal.  Although we’ve been trying for another baby, and we’ve also talked about adopting, there aren’t any new children in the immediate future.  Lexie still wants to have six or seven children, and I am happy we have the means to provide for a large family if we are able to make it happen.

The house we found was an old rambling one, not very modern, but with lots of spacious rooms.  It’s actually closer to the school than our house in town, and since it is technically outside the town limits, the property is dirt cheap.

We redid some of the floors and updated the color schemes and fixtures, and it is just perfect for our growing family.  My favorite part is the huge downstairs bathroom which makes potty training and managing bath time a breeze.

That time of day is challenging enough in the best of circumstances.

And how is it that the bathroom becomes the social hub of the house?  All I can say is, if that’s the way it’s going to be, the bathroom needs to be the size of a sitting room!

The house has a huge old kitchen, which we turned into a playroom for the kids.  They can crawl or toddle back and forth from the nursery to the kitchen to the bathroom on their own.

Speaking of toddling, Emily was the first of the twins to take her first steps.

She was determined to walk, and now she can get around by herself with only a topple now and then.

Charlotte, however, has no interest in walking.  She seems to have a vivid imagination.

It’s fun to see her face light up playing peek-a-boo, or singing a nursery rhyme, or listening to a story.

She’s still content to be carried about by whoever will pick her up, while Emily squirms to be put down and toddle off on her own.

Charlotte also seems to need more frequent naps than Emily.

Aston seems very happy with his new room.  He’s matured enough that he is now allowed to keep his painting materials there and manage them himself.  Most six year olds wouldn’t be able to handle that, but he is focused with his paint.

Lexie and I have a small sitting room where we keep most of our books, but once the girls are down we sometimes play chess in the nursery.

What we call the nursery, is actually designed to be the living room, and when all the children are old enough, we will convert it.  There are three large bedrooms, a full, large, finished attic, and a total of four full baths in the house, so we have room  for a large family of kids and teens in the future.

Aston still likes to play, too, and sometimes he’ll take my spot.

I wouldn’t have imagined any of this, a few years ago, or thought things could possibly go this well, but we have a lot to be thankful for.

Gameplay Notes:

  • Raine is a fortune sim, and he has done really well financially lately.  At the end of Round 1 I was having a glitch with the store’s cash register, and while trying to fix that, I technically sold the store back to the community, and had Raine go into the business career.  He’s already in the upper levels and got a $25,000 chance card too.  Next round I plan to have him back at the store, but with so much going on at home it was helpful to have Erle “run” it, at least for story purposes.
  • I built this house as a cheap option for a very large family for a Scottish world I was creating that developed some kind of crashing problem.  Luckily I had saved all the houses before moving sims into them.  However, the house was originally built for a time before electricity so everything was exceptionally simple and old fashioned.  I updated everything for Lexie and Raine.  There are tour posts on Tumblr, here, here, here, and here.
  • Laksmi is a good nanny and she does care for the children, the dog, and clean, in fact, they hired a maid but she seldom has much to do and leaves quickly.  I did have to have Lexie and Raine take days off to teach the girls their skills because of course she doesn’t do that, and she’ll try to whisk them away or feed them regular bottles when Raine has made smart milk for them.
  • Lexie’s lifetime want is to marry off 6 children, and I normally wouldn’t even bother, but with Falls Bridge being a new hood, I think it is a good idea to try, especially after seeing how well they were able to manage the twins.  They’ve been trying for baby since the girls were born (frequently!), which freaked me out, and until the girls aged to toddler I put her back on birth control, but they haven’t conceived yet, and they may actually adopt soon.
  • This made me laugh – Raine walked in from work and Lexie was lying in wait to try again for a babyI picture her here lobbying for adoption

4 Comments so far:

  1. maisie says:

    Their new house is gorgeous! Wow were they ever cramped in the old one! I hadn’t realized how small it was until they started talking about it. Potty training in a kitchen is exactly what I did at my first house, which was a really old house with one bathroom, on the second floor. But all their living spaces looked cramped, and as soon as you’re turning a dining room into a bedroom, you are definitely too large for the space!

    Thanks for posting the tumblr links here, I had missed those and popped them open to check out. I’m glad that he’s on board for them to have more kids, I had really thought that the girls might be the end of it. He was rather tense even as he tried to be supportive. Adopting would be fun too, I used to have a great time filling my adoption queue up, but now with default face replacements, I’d just leave it.. and now I want to adopt in the game. darn. 😉

    Aston seems like such a great kid, and I really like his bedroom. It’s decorated so well, especially with the paintings on the wall, such a cutie!

  2. Ha, I was worried readers may freak out at them potty training in the kitchen, and here that’s what you needed to do in real life!! I built that original house thinking Raine would just raise Aston there, remaining practically like a hermit, given his personality, but that’s not at all what happened! And now Raine seems really relaxed, plus he wanted to study couples counseling, which I thought was so cool after all they went through (storywise) during the pregnancy, dealing with his first wife’s death. I took that want, plus his contentedness, that the counseling they did helped him see things differently now, and trauma is one of the most treatable mental health issues, with counseling.

    I’m so glad you brought up the adoption pool. I had been thinking about that, whether to do as I have in the past and make a family for it, but I really didn’t want to and it’s nice to know that with default replacement faces it can be ok as-is. I have a great set of default replacement faces by Pooklet (Legacy Face Templates).

  3. Carla says:

    I had one of those awesome nannies in Sullivan 1.0! I miss her – the current one is just garden variety EA, ie. not very good!

    I’m glad to see Raine and Lexie doing so well. I was pretty sure they would but it’s always nice to see it confirmed. Lots of people would not adapt so well to twin toddlers but it helps that all three of the kids are so well-behaved!

    Potty training in the kitchen doesn’t sound too gross to me. It’s not like you’d leave it full while you were cooking the family meal, you know? You do what you have to do!

    Early on in the hood is definitely the best time to go for those big family wants! I would have…except I found that early on, most of my sims didn’t have the money to support such a huge family, so I ended up not really going for it!

  4. It is always surprising to me when a nanny does her job and Laksmi is truly helpful. I bet she has high active, neat, and nice points.

    I didn’t expect any of my families to do as well financially as Raine and Lexie have done. When I set up Falls Bridge, I rolled for starting amounts of family funds, and Raine was well off, even with buying the store (in fact, since he was fortune and had enough money, I built the store and had him buy it). I also used the insim randomizer to randomize adult’s skills instead of having them start with zero. He has moved up through the business career so fast, probably because he already had friends from running the store while I was getting each family started, and chatting with customers. And he gets thousands of dollars a week from investments, so providing for the family is not difficult. Plus, Lexie’s gotten two promotions with their bonuses, too, since she was able to use her maternity leave to work on skills.

    Jack and Karina, on the other hand, are so broke. I don’t know what to do with them next because Bee and Jack have been physically fighting. I need to move Jack and Karina out but I’ll need to build a cheap trailer or move them into an apartment, which would need to be built. If they stay there, I feel like I’ll be in a position to have to have Jack arrested for Domestic Violence or the kids taken away for exposure to domestic violence, and I really don’t feel like that’s fair, since Bee is the mean one and seeks him out and starts slapping him. Anyway, money is nonexistent for them (decorating the nursery depleted their funds) and it is a real limiter for their choices. I guess I’ll have to have Karina sell her beloved red car and they can move into town but first I need some low income housing.

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