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Dire Warnings

August 19, 2017      In Falls Bridge 4 Comments

Falls Bridge

This is the first Oliver/Belrose update / Next Oliver/Belrose update

Spring, 2018

Milla Oliver and Luc Belrose are both 18.

They struck out on their own after high school graduation, but nearly a year later, Milla is confident that things are working out.  It may have seemed crazy for she and Luc to find their own place and move in together at such a young age, but none of the dire warnings have come true.

Despite learning to get along together, and share real responsibilities, they are happier than ever.  Luc may be a bit disorganized, but it’s hard to imagine how anyone could have difficulty getting along with him, as easy-going as he is.

They’ve got jobs in fast food, and with their super low rent, they have managed to pay the bills.  She hopes with a few more promotions, they can start saving for her dream of buying a bakery.

She’s managed to avoid getting pregnant, which was evidently, a foregone conclusion.

And in spite of taking on responsibility, things feel more footloose than ever.  They can go out, and stay out, as late as they want.  The Falls Bridge Brew Pub is right around the block from their house, and they pop over in the evenings sometimes to meet people or get together with old friends.

Milla is just getting to know Una Chinwe, and she seems nice.

Not that Luc needs to go anywhere to meet people.  He is a people magnet.

Luc and Milla find all kinds of reasons to have people over.

Suzanne was a friend from high school, who practically lives at their place.

She is also really outgoing and helps catch up a new friend of Luc’s, Connel.

Meanwhile, Milla tells Una about her dream to open a bakery in town.

“All organic, and a place where you can meet people and chat, sit and read, and have a cup of coffee,” she says.

A little while later, both of them working the party, Luc is joking about old times with a friend from school, Hudson Newton, and Milla tries to help Emily Stanton, who they’ve just met, feel welcome at the get-together.

Late one night, Milla decides to order a pizza and have her friends over for a sleepover (with no plans to sleep).

Luc peers out at them from the kitchen.

Una looks at Milla, wondering if they need to quiet down, but it’s obvious no one’s worried about the noise.

The next morning, when everyone’s gone, he kisses her tenderly before she goes off to get some sleep.

And later, when she wakes up and is poring over cookbooks, Luc is on the phone, catching up with friends again.

No regrets yet.

Gameplay Notes:

  • Luc and Milla are both popularity sims, and he has the 20 Best Friends want.  They’ve got three bolts, and whenever it’s just the two of them they are like magnets, so cute together, but most of the time, they are socializing wherever they go, or having a party.
  • I made Milla to have the cooking hobby and planned for her to run the town’s bakery, and thought Luc, with his laid back personality, would be a good partner for her at the business. I’m considering them to be 18 since they didn’t go to college, although in game right now they are technically 23.  The whole session was spent getting their jobs, skilling, and meeting sims and throwing parties.

4 Comments so far:

  1. maisie says:

    Una and Milla look like two peas in a pod! This was a fun update, full of youth and fun times. I hope that the bakery works out well for them! I’m glad that they aren’t having any issues yet, and that there is no surprise pregnancy to throw a wrench in their plans.

    • Glad you liked it! It’s hard to justify a couple of 18 year olds making it on their own with just a high school diploma and charisma, but they do have that in spades. About the birth control working well so far, me too, I want them to achieve their goals, and they are not interested in starting a family. Thanks for reading & commenting, Maisie!

  2. Carla says:

    Milla and Luc are an adorable couple! Even though they’ve moved in together so young, it looks like they’re still taking a lot of time to do all the things other people their age would be doing…so I’m hoping things work out for them.

    A bakery sounds like a great idea for Milla. Will it be a while before she can open one, or do you plan to have her take out a loan so she can do it sooner?

    • Thanks for the well-wishes for Milla and Luc, Carla! I haven’t decided whether to let them take a loan; they’re in the midst of developing basic skills right now. Maybe in a round or two they might be good candidates for a business loan. I don’t want to wait TOO long to start the bakery.

Any Comments?


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