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Deep Water

Take Me to the Moon 5.3

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Ewan had been surfing a creative tsunami.  He had almost finished enough pieces to justify a gallery showing.    His first show would be centered around the Tesla family faces and places.

TS4 2015-05-24 09-38-37-89

Watching her grandson work had become one of Bella’s favorite past-times.

TS4 2015-05-24 13-21-11-58

Especially when she could be near Elise and watch Ewan paint.

TS4 2015-05-22 06-01-46-79

Elise was gaining more and more skill with the plants and Delaney was leaving their care almost entirely to Elise.

TS4 2015-05-22 15-05-09-99

One evening, Delaney came home from the Science lab and set to work baking cakes for Eric’s and Desmond’s birthdays.  Eric always made Delaney laugh or smile.

TS4 2015-05-22 14-31-01-02

Eric blew out his candles while the family cheered.

TS4 2015-05-22 14-34-05-29

Eric and Desmond both grew up that evening, to teens.

TS4 2015-05-24 12-49-44-60

Along with his love of music, Eric developed a love for gourmet food and drinks.  Desmond was now not only gloomy, but picked up an evil streak, too.

TS4 2015-05-24 13-12-31-06

Everyone got used to posing  for Ewan, and carefully avoiding the paints and easels everywhere.

TS4 2015-05-24 13-30-16-03

One day, Desmond was out with Ewan, and noticed he was getting a lot of text messages.  From a girl.

TS4 2015-05-23 17-38-16-31

That afternoon, the doorbell rang, and Ewan uncharacteristically ran to answer it and slipped out of the door before anyone could see who was outside.   Desmond peeked out to see who it was.  It was a  girl!

TS4 2015-05-24 09-50-31-81

And Ewan was making her laugh!

TS4 2015-05-24 09-52-55-02

But then he shared some of his melancholy thoughts with her.

TS4 2015-05-24 09-53-13-29

As soon as he saw her face fall, he regretted making her sad.   He asked her out on a date.

TS4 2015-05-24 09-54-00-06

To his favorite spot, the Oasis Springs Art Museum.

TS4 2015-05-24 10-07-11-32

She told him funny stories about her job at the office.

TS4 2015-05-24 10-04-45-75

Ewan found himself feeling pulled out to a deep sea.  And he didn’t care.

TS4 2015-05-24 10-05-09-50

He bravely put his arm around her, and looked into her eyes.

TS4 2015-05-24 10-08-21-47

When she gazed back, he closed his eyes for a moment.   It was so intense.

TS4 2015-05-24 10-09-05-41

When he looked up again, she was shyly looking down.

TS4 2015-05-24 10-09-35-10

He started to tickle her to break the tension.

TS4 2015-05-24 10-12-54-74

Suddenly she stopped laughing and looked back into his eyes.

TS4 2015-05-24 10-13-18-25

He played “My Kind of Day,” a blues song he knew by heart,  for her.

TS4 2015-05-24 10-18-42-42

They went out on the balcony to breathe in the fresh air.  The roaring water crashed over the rocks into deep pools.

TS4 2015-05-24 10-21-24-99

Jasmine scent blew on the warm breeze from Zoe’s hair.  Ewan couldn’t look away.

TS4 2015-05-24 10-21-56-41

Their lips were so close

TS4 2015-05-24 10-22-17-92

Ewan’s heart pounded as he felt Zoe’s breath softly on his lips.

TS4 2015-05-24 10-22-27-61

After the kiss, they stood still and held hands, eyes closed.

TS4 2015-05-24 10-23-19-49

Ewan was adrift on a sea of dreams that night after he took Zoe home.

TS4 2015-05-24 10-32-53-47

Gameplay Notes:

Ewan went up a comedy level while entertaining Zoe.  She’s a Cheerful, Clumsy Goofball who is in the business career, but I don’t know her aspiration yet.   He really seems different around her!  When he got home from the date, he wanted to level up in Charisma, too.  I think he sees himself having a future with her.  He also completed his Painter Extraordinaire aspiration.   I have not decided what aspiration to give him next.  He got the Expressionistic trait, so now he can paint any emotional painting any time.

TS4 2015-05-24 16-06-51-89

Delaney also finally finished the Renaissance Sim aspiration, and got the Professorial trait.  She can write skill books now.  I decided to give her the soulmate aspiration for her final one.  She has completed two of the three knowledge aspirations.

TS4 2015-05-24 16-13-05-06

After aging up, Eric is now a Music Lover/Foodie, and Desmond, Bella’s youngest child, is Gloomy and Evil.


16 Comments so far:

  1. keva1986 says:

    Nice job on the achievement! That’s one I have yet to get myself. Such a cute chapter about Ewan! I hope that even with Ewan’s opposite personality, him and Zoe work out. 🙂

  2. Carla says:

    Aw, Ewan! <3 Zoe seems like she really has potential. I love the sound of her personality and hope something comes of her relationship with Ewan. She brings out the best in him.

    • Zoe really does seem to have potential! I was like, who’s Zoe?! but she’s really great. I’m curious what her aspiration is. They can’t find that out through conversation. After all my scheming, Adrianna just didn’t work out, but Zoe and Ewan are so easy together. It is so nice to see him light-hearted and happy. thanks for commenting, Carla! I’ve been posting a lot, trying to move this story along!

  3. maisie says:

    Desmond is gorgeous! And Eric totally has his Mom’s great cheekbones! I kind of hope Ewan is the heir, it’s been only daughters thus far and he’s such a sweetie, and totally unique from the rest of his family. I do adore Elise too though. This Zoe seems like a great match for him, and oh my! How cute was he looking up at her shyly while she looked down? That is a great photo!

    Congrats to Delaney! Never had any doubts that she couldn’t get it done.

    • Thanks, Maisie! I thought about going for the third knowledge aspiration for Delaney, but she just doesn’t seem the type to sit at the computer all the time. She and Alexander need to enjoy the time they have left together, especially with all the sacrifices he’s made through the years for her to accomplish everything she has, so that’s why I picked Soulmate for her now.

      True, this legacy needs a male heir!! And Ewan is a great candidate!

      I enjoyed that date of Ewan and Zoe’s more than anything in game in ages– I was just sitting there in amazement at how cute they were together and they kept autonomously entertaining each other and being so affectionate. That’s so out of character for Ewan, that I knew it was love at first sight. I’m glad that picture really conveyed how cute they are together.

  4. Echo Weaver says:

    OMG! Ewan has a girlfriend! Your description from his perspective was just perfect. It looks like this is a case of opposites attract. He went up a comedy level, ha!

    Eric is just an adorable teen. I’m really enjoying him. He has last child syndrome — he has a late start as a character compared to his older siblings. I really appreciate that you’re giving him enough time for us to get to know him too.

    • Yes, it is hard to find “screen time” for everyone, and Eric has had the least of the limelight so far. Eric is a really likable, laid back, connoisseur of the senses. He loves music, he loves good food, and he wants to enjoy being outdoors. His adult trait, that I already rolled, is Slob, and I haven’t decided whether to spin that in a positive light or choose something else to round him out. All that slob would give him, is that it wouldn’t bother him if things around him were messy and he could dig in the trash for food. It’s funny, since he was a little kid I pictured him taking care with his clothing (that’s why he wore the dapper little hat and plaid vest). I think outgoing would fill out his character well, since he always seems to seek everyone out and had the social butterfly aspiration as a child. I certainly see him as enjoying all the music, food, and outdoors WITH others, not alone.

      So glad you are happy about Ewan’s choice of a romantic interest! Being a legacy, they’ll have a couple more chances to make sure they are compatible and then, if so, off to the altar with them! Wedding season is coming soon in my game, and not just for Ewan, so I’ve already started looking for new wedding dresses and bridesmaids’ dresses to download. (My one CC indulgence!)

  5. cathytea says:

    Is this Zoe Patel? That’s Zoe’s dress and hair–but her face looks a little different somehow. I love Zoe Patel–she’s an awesome Sim. And it looks like Ewan really feels good about this relationship.

    I think that gloomy Sims work well with goofballs or cheerful Sims.

    How fitting that the youngest Goth would be gloomy and evil! Very funny. And Eric is really cute and funny.

    That’s nice that Bella enjoys her grandchildren so much!

    And big congrats on the aspirations! Delaney has done so well with those! She should be able to accomplish soul-mate pretty easily, too–as long as Alexander remains healthy! (Here’s to long life for Alexander!)

    Ewan is really doing well with his aspirations! Congratulations!

  6. Yes, that is Zoe Patel! I don’t know much about her yet– she just appeared as the highest relationship with Ewan after Adrianna. And with Adrianna, Ewan has “It’s complicated,” and “It’s Awkward,” from the break-up, and being best friends. I wonder if she was generated slightly differently in my game, or what. I haven’t looked at her in CAS yet, so I still have the suspense of not knowing her aspiration.

    It is funny that the youngest Goth, Bella’s midlife crisis baby, is gloomy and evil. Most of the time, he really doesn’t look gloomy or evil, though. Although I did catch him trolling forums and cackling maniacally recently.

    Bella really seeks out her grandchildren, and Elise especially always looks for Bella and spends time with her, on her own.

    Like I said before, I pretty much plan on giving Delaney and Alexander youth potion since they have tons of aspiration points and they are so awesome. I want them to be able to teach their grandkids and their grandkids be able to enjoy them.

    I was surprised Ewan finished that aspiration so quickly, but he’s pretty much just focused on it since he became a teen. And he got the artistic prodigy trait as a child. I did what you wrote about, and had him take vacation from school as soon as he had enough left (I think it was like the last 4 days he would have gone to school, he spent painting.)

  7. moondansr says:

    I’m so happy for Ewan. It looks like he might have found “the one”. The romantic art museum date was really neat! I especially liked the first kiss with a view.

  8. Awe Yay!!! Go Ewan! She’s a complete beauty. He sure knows how to pick them 😉 I’m glad to see the accomplishments. That’s exciting.

  9. Thanks, CeCe, yes, I was so happy for Ewan when Zoe fell in love with him, and he with her. Such a romantic courtship, after his sad relationship with Adrianna. I guess I should include accomplishments more often; I rarely do that. Thanks so much for commenting!

  10. Ariadne2001 says:

    I can’t wait for Ewan’s wedding!

  11. It’s not long now! Thanks for reading!

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