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The Butler

January 21, 2017      In Take Me to the Moon 13 Comments

Take Me to the Moon 7.6

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Fearghus was sleeping in after a particularly late night at the hospital, when he heard his door quietly open and close.  He expected it was Alyse checking on him.

But instead, there was a woman in tails, examining her white gloves, as if she might find a malicious strain of bacteria lurking there.

Not wanting to meet a stranger in his bedroom, when he was at such a remarkable disadvantage of being the more poorly dressed between them, and, no doubt, appearing quite slovenly as well, Fearghus feigned sleep.

When the coast was clear, he found Alyse.  “There’s an elderly woman in tails scrutinizing our furniture’s cleanliness,” he told her, whispering.

“It’s the butler,” Alyse smiled.  “Ask your son about her.”

Although his understanding had been, that the family was considering hiring a butler, but it was not final, Fearghus reminded himself to be civil when approaching Grayson about whether or not the teen had the right to hire household staff.

The butler was consulting with Grayson when Fearghus approached.  The two appeared to be as thick as thieves, in fact.

Fearghus waited until they acknowledged him.

“Good morning, sir,” the Butler said.

She then proceeded to properly take her leave.

Grayson was looking at his cell phone.  Fearghus launched into a gentle tirade.

“I didn’t authorize the hiring of a butler.  Are you paying her salary,” Fearghus added, thinking himself quite clever.

“In fact, I am,” Grayson said.  “Ms. Nakamura works for me.”

Alyse joined the family meeting.

“How do we know she won’t kill us in our sleep?” Fearghus asked, still insecure after all these years.  “Does she even have references?”

Grayson explained that she was highly recommended, and showed his parents the site for the Windenburg Butlering Academy, along with a bio of Ms. Nakamura.  “It says here that she is a Genius, Clumsy, and Active.  And her background check looks good.”

Dumbfounded, Fearghus returned to the kitchen, presumably to properly introduce himself and talk about the terms under which Ms. Nakamura would share their home.

After a brief conversation, it appeared that everyone was very pleased with the new arrangement and Fearghus requested French Toast.

He could see the benefits of this new development, he thought, as he kissed Alyse.

But he couldn’t help being a little peeved when she checked his TV stand again, within an hour.

“Leave us,” he dismissed her, as Alyse pushed him towards the bed.

Gameplay Notes:

  • I’ve been waiting for Fox to move out to be able to hire a butler.  Grayson often gets aggravated with the dirty dishes about, and I could just see him having an Alfred-like figure in his life.  Even as a teen, he was able to call the service and request a butler.
  • I don’t really see Fearghus and Alyse as pushovers, but no matter what Grayson does, they only seem pleased with him and just go with the flow.  Since this is a legacy story, I’m just showing events as they happen, but sometimes it is really weird or hard to explain from a character development point of view.



13 Comments so far:

  1. cathytea says:

    So funny ! Now I want my Sims to hire butlers !

    • Even before butlers came out, I was picturing Grayson having an Alfred-like butler… so when butlers came out I was very excited and as soon as there was space for one, had him hire one. Thanks for commenting, Cathytea!

  2. Carla says:

    If anyone was going to hire a butler, I can definitely see it being Grayson!

    • Ha, that’s for sure, Carla! I used to picture his little toy as a wise old butler-like advisor when he was a child. The way they programmed the butler’s to act (very properly from what I’ve seen) really fits my notion of Grayson’s butler too. Thanks for reading!

  3. Of course Grayson would hire a butler, lol! 😀

    Fearghus should lock their bedroom door. I wouldn’t enjoy someone cleaning my room while I was sleeping in it, either!

    Where is Fox living now?

  4. Good point Laura, locking the door’s a good idea, until the plumbing breaks or needs to be cleaned, but really, it wouldn’t be difficult at all to unlock. Fox is living with his older cousin, Misa, who is his aunt Fiona’s son. They have an apartment in San Myshuno that Misa was moved into by MC Command Center story progression at some point. Fox still comes to all the family gatherings, though.

  5. maisie says:

    Oh geez! Waking up with a butler in your room, one that you didn’t hire!! Feigning sleep is definitely a valid option! I can totally see Grayson hiring a butler, he’s such a particular kind of guy. I was surprised that his Dad just went along with it, though I’ve always seen his Mom as a bit softer with him, so her response didn’t surprise me.

    • Ha, it’s just a lack of programming, really, that a teen can hire a butler and the parents have no reaction to it. But it fit for a teen Grayson to do it himself, I definitely thought.

  6. Echo Weaver says:

    Haha! Well, I can see things falling out as you described them, at least in Sims-land. Though Feargus COULD have asked how on earth Grayson was managing to pay a butler salary ;-).

    The way she checks the appliances seems like Sims 3 Neurotic. And Clumsy? Thought could get interesting.

    Sims 3 butlers were always kind of a mess, and I only used one briefly. There are mods out there that apparently keep them from filling the house with food and other such frustrations. I’ll have to try one eventually.

    • Susan, that is a great suggestion, that Fearghus could have asked HOW Grayson was paying for the butler. He and Alyse both show a remarkable lack of curiosity about the hours, friends, or objects Grayson keeps!

      We don’t have a neurotic trait in the game. I think checking furniture is something every butler does, although I wonder if you had a sloppy butler if they would still do it. I’ve been really happy with the programming with the butlers. They seem to work quite well in Sims 4.

  7. That was so funny!! 😁 Why, oh why do sims never seem to get a hint? You’d expect that at least a butler would be polite enough to let a couple woohoo in peace! 😂

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