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Zachary Bruty-Roberts

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Zachary Bruty-Roberts

Birthdate:  December 3, 603

Zachary Bruty is the only son of Sandy Bruty and Zane Roberts.   Even as a newborn, he was a demanding baby, and as he has grown, his mother can tell that he is a sensitive child who is easily distressed and needs a lot of comforting.  As early as 18 months, he had an affinity for music.

When Zach was about 22 months old, his father and mother separated due to his father’s anger issues.  Sandy is hoping that the calmer atmosphere at home now will help Zach to thrive.


Zachary  Bruty-Roberts Sims 2 Profile


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  1. maisie says:

    Such a cutie! I like his little nose. <3

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