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Sandy Bruty

Birthdate:  June 8, 564

Sandy Bruty never expected to find herself in a committed relationship, with a child, at the age of 41, but that’s how things turned out.  Zach was a surprise to her and Zane Roberts, who she was casually dating, but they decided to make a go of being a family.  Now they live on a cosy little suburb street in Simdale Valley and try to balance their culinary careers with parenting and home life.  Her best friend is Naomi Redbird, who is nine years younger, but like Sandy, doesn’t aspire to feel comfortable in a small town like Simdale Valley.

Sandy is a Taurus– strong-willed and outgoing; she loves to be around people but she doesn’t really love feeling committed.  She has a definite flirty side… well, actually, that’s a bit of an understatement.   Due to her career in the food business, and her other social interests, she can be a bit uninvolved as a parent at times, although she is caring and is attached to Zach.  Her dress style is glam/trendy.

Sandy graduated from high school and currently works as a kitchen manager/cook  for Captain Jack’s in Simdale Valley.

Sandy Bruty’s Sims 2 Profile

Bruty Sandy profile


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  1. maisie says:

    Sandy looks great in TS4, I’m glad that you are bringing her over to the new world. I find her story really interesting, and unexpected with the late pregnancy in life. I actually really liked your makeover of her in TS2 as well, really made her look more real and not so cartoony.

    • I was so happy with how much she resembles my made-over Sandy in Sims 2!! (Because I am seriously challenged with CAS!) When I made Julia Jones, she just was not right, and I had to get my daughter, who is really good at drawing, to help me. But I kind of lucked-out with Sandy, and I think she looks SO much like she did in Sims 2. Thanks for commenting!

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