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Sheldon Bright

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Sheldon Bright

Birthdate:  September 2, 563

Sheldon Bright is married to Lillith Bright, and they have a daughter, Madeleine Bright.  His best friend (and next door neighbor) is James Petite.

He is extroverted, and has a quite balanced personality, being fairly neat, playful, and easy to get along with.

Sheldon graduated from PSU in English Studies, and currently teaches English, Social Sciences, and Foreign Language at Simdale Valley High School.  He is also the Senior Class advisor.

Before the onsite high school was created, Sheldon taught high school courses through the Peninsula State Virtual School, which left him a lot of time for his favorite pursuits:  spectating, hanging out with friends, grilling, and collecting critters from the woods, meadows, and ponds nearby.  He is quite happy with his current career, as he feels that life is about much more than working a job, and his career leaves him with a lot of free time.

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Sheldon Bright’s Sims 2 Profile


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