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Madeleine Bright

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Madeleine Bright

Birthdate:  September 1, 595

Madeleine Bright is an introvert in a houseful of extroverts… well, she lives with just two extroverts, but they constantly have friends over at the house.  Madeleine is the daughter of Lillith and Sheldon Bright and lives in the countryside of Simdale Valley.

Madeleine is a contemporary of Yuki Ono, but the girls are quite opposite, so they are not close.  She is closer friends with Harrison Petite, who lives just across the meadow and spends a lot of time with his parents at Madeleine’s house, but Harrison is five years younger than Madeleine, and a boy, both of which limit their friendship.

She prefers reading, watching movies, and drawing in her room, which is the only upstairs room, a little loft away from the noise.  Although she’s a very strong reader, Madeleine gets nervous about tests at school, and also has some social anxiety, so school is not always easy for her.  She misses her cat, Snowbell.


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