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Lillith Bright

Birthdate:  October 5, 563

Lillith Bright is married to Sheldon Bright, and has a daughter, Madeleine.  They live in Simdale Valley, outside town, on a little hill.    Lillith and Sheldon are close friends with James and Elise, who live just down the hill and across the meadow.   They often get together to cookout, eat, and watch sports.

She is neat, active, and quite outgoing.  Her main hobby is cooking.  Lillith is a somewhat permissive parent, due to her age (42), having proven herself in her career, and her personality.  However, Madeleine just doesn’t require a lot of constant discipline because she is normally so quiet and reserved, although Lillith doesn’t realize Madeleine can be quite cheeky sometimes outside the house, so it is hard to know how Lillith would parent a more rambunctious child.  She only plans to have this one child; maybe someday she’ll focus more on her career again.  Her dress is casual and sporty.

Lillith majored in Literature at PSU, and is a journalist who currently writes obituaries and other non-syndicated articles, from home.

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