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Hedy’s Birthday

Take Me to the Moon 7.20

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It was time to celebrate Hedy’s birthday. Alyse baked a cake, set it down, and tested the candles to make sure everything was ready.

Then she realized she wasn’t sure who was watching Hedy, and she began looking for her granddaughter. Hedy had recently become extremely independent, going in and out of the castle, and up and down the stairs without any help and often slipping away from whoever was supposed to be keeping an eye on her. Even with a father, two grandparents, and a butler, she was becoming difficult to keep up with.

In fact, Hedy was being watched by someone: the Count. Hedy had found her way into Grayson’s private study and the Count, who had apparated there for the party, found her playing with her father’s voodoo doll and his toy llama, Alfred.

Hedy giggled and ran behind one of the big chairs, when she saw the Count.

When he didn’t chase her, she peeked around the corner of the one closest to him.

“There you are,” exclaimed Grayson, who had been recruited by Alyse to help find the missing toddler.

Grayson was not pleased to find his daughter going through his stuff, but he was more distressed that she had managed to climb three flights of the rickety stairs without any supervision.

Grayson scooped her up, not noticing the Count, and carried her back downstairs to her party, not realizing Hedy had pocketed his toy llama, Alfred.

Downstairs, the guests were gathering- the few who had managed to make it to the remote island for Hedy’s party.

Laurie Tesla, Grayson’s cousin through his aunt Felicity, and Sakura, his second cousin through his father’s aunt Elise, had arrived, and were chatting in the courtyard.

I remember when we used to play in the pool at Uncle Fearghus’ house on the island, before you were born,” Sakura said to Laurie. “Aubree and Fox were there too… I wonder how Fox is doing these days.”

Laurie, who still saw Fox all the time, filled her in.  “He recently married- and has a little step-daughter, Nikki, about Hedy’s age.”

But Sakura was still mulling over the family’s sudden decision to leave the city and move to the castle.  “This is just so bizarre, that they would move to this kind of dreary place,” Sakura added with a puzzled expression.

“I don’t know, I like the remote feel,” Laurie responded. “And it has an edgy kind of style to it.”

“Well, I like the outdoors, but this place just feels creepy,” Sakura responded with uncharacteristic negativity.

Childhood memories of Sakura and Misa at the pool and at the beach, washed over Fearghus, who had joined them. Although he had been insecure as a child, those memories were, for the most part, happy and carefree, compared to the heavy responsibility he had felt since retiring and following his son and granddaughter to this mysterious castle.

Or maybe his weariness, of late, had more to do with aging. He just didn’t have the same energy he’d always had up till now, anymore.

In the kitchen, Grayson welcomed Billie Jang, his neighbor from the flat in the city. As a child, she’d never had anything to do with Grayson, despite his efforts to befriend her, but now she seemed quite interested in him.

“The building just isn’t the same without you,” she flirted.

Grayson hemmed and hawed. “Well, um,” he said, “we needed to get out of the city.”  Why was he so flustered, he thought to himself?!

While no one was looking, Hedy blew out her candles.

Instead of eating cake, she ran to her nursery to change clothes and play with Alfred the Llama. Hedy was intrigued by the toy, which not only talked, but seemed to understand her.

“Little llama, what’s your name?” Hedy asked.

“Alfred, my lady,” the toy replied. “At your service.”

Gameplay Notes:

  • I got the sad message that Fearghus’ days are coming to an end. Since he has the bodybuilder long-lived trait, I am hoping he still has a few weeks of sim time, but he has already lived nearly 100 days on normal lifespan, so that may be hoping too much.
  • Grayson has not put energy into maintaining family ties. If Alsye hadn’t invited Laurie and Sakura, I don’t think they would have come. Aubree was there but unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of her during the party.
  • There is a new glitch with the birthday cakes, and it ended up taking hours and hours for Hedy to age up. I couldn’t get everyone gathered around for it either. So it ended up being a dud of a birthday party.
  • It was really cool that Hedy found her way (on her own autonomy) into her father’s study and the meanwhile, the Count appeared there when he came to the party.  He is always attentive to Hedy whenever he’s on the lot; I do think Laura of Postcards from Sierra Nova was correct when she said since Hedy was born at his household he has a caregiver marker for Hedy.
  • If you saw my Twitter feed when I rolled for Hedy’s traits, you already know, she got the Evil trait for childhood.  I had kind of hoped for good (to go with the Angelic toddler trait she had) but this is an interesting twist and certainly believable, given that her mother is evil and her father is dastardly.  Even though Beatrice and Cassandra had the evil trait, I had decided not to use my pass option if Hedy rolled it, because of her parent’s traits and the current storyline.




24 Comments so far:

  1. cathytea says:

    Hedy is adorable !

  2. Thanks, Cathytea! I love her little pointy ears, I wasn’t expecting those! She looks a lot like her grandma Alyse, in my opinion. Thanks for reading!

  3. Carla says:

    Oooh, hello, Billie! A love interest for Grayson, perhaps? She’s very cute. I’m not sure I remember her from before. Did she ever show up?

    Hedy is still quite adorable as a child. I saw your tweet (weeks and weeks ago now!), so I already knew she was Evil. I’m curious/terrified to see what happens with that. Do toddler traits just disappear when they’re no longer toddlers then? I’m assuming you can’t be Evil and Angelic at the same time but I’m only going off how it is in TS3, when you can’t hold two opposing traits (although I discovered you can be Socially Awkward and Irresistible, which seems really strange to me).

    • Hi Carla! Billie was only mentioned briefly a couple of times but Grayson was sad because he couldn’t find friends in the city, and when they visited her apartment, she totally ignored him. He tried to invite her over or play with her a few times and it never worked out. She is cute… early on I had hoped she might be the next heir’s mom eventually.

      Hedy’s evil trait has only come out a bit since she became a child (I think in play I am about 4 days into her childhood). It seems to me that the toddler trait does disappear, which is a little weird. Whether it conflicts with evil kind of depends on which kind of angel, I guess, but Angelic is usually associated with very good. You can’t have traits in Sims 4 that the game considers opposing. That’s really funny about the socially awkward trait being possible with irresistible in Sims 3, but I guess some people could be attracted to that nerdy kind of person, irresistibly even 🙂 I think that trait makes sims irresistible to everyone though, right?

      I think the parenting and relationship with her grandparents and dad have mitigated the evil trait a bit, because she still has so many whims to interact positively with them and she doesn’t autonomously do much that is hurtful. But she wanted an enemy, so, in the absence of other child sims, she picked on the butler until the butler quit. And when there was a fire at the castle she was happy about everyone’s misery. As she gets older and goes through teenage phases I bet the evil trait will show itself more.

      That roll for traits was weeks and weeks ago! I had hoped/planned to get ahead on this blog during summer but I haven’t and am just crawling along at a snail’s pace. Thank you for reading and for commenting!

  4. maisie says:

    Ah, crawling along at a snails pace, I get totally get that! I hope that your summer is going well! <3

    I’m kind of sad that Hedy rolled evil. I really liked how opposite she was of her mother, and while Grayson is dastardly, it seems that he’s really turned a new leaf since Hedy and him escaped.

    So cute that she walks and runs all over (as a toddler) on her own! Running is the thing when toddlers learn it irl, so it’s especially cute that it is in the game. Billie is a cutie, I hope that Grayson can get a love interest, though I’m not sure how Hedy would feel about that.

    I’m saddened about Fearghus, I’d like to ignore that bit of news. 🙁

    • I was also sad about the evil trait for Hedy because I saw her arrival and Grayson’s escape from Bloodkirk Manor as a turning point for him and he has been a very good parent. I thought her toddler trait, Angelic, was perfect for the story line up to that point. I went with the roll to challenge myself not to write the story how I would imagine it automatically. Interesting point you bring up about how would Hedy feel about a new love interest for her dad.

      I saw you’ve read a lot of Ramona books 🙂 and I see your tweets occasionally, I hope you are having a great summer.

      Summer has been really good for us, full in a relaxing, rejuvenating kind of way. My oldest daughter is getting married and we’ve done some things to prepare for the wedding, and my younger daughter graduated high school, got her first job, and is starting college. We’ve got everything done for that now 🙂 My husband and I have gone camping a couple of times, I’ve read the Ender series again and the Rama books (Arthur C Clarke) again, plus a lot of swimming, walking, and some kayaking. We signed up for a triathlon in October so I’m getting started with my training and been spending more time on meal planning and changing some habits. So simming has been really low on my list and probably will continue to be at least till November.

      • maisie says:

        I am having a great summer, thank you! It sounds like you are as well, and despite some big things (weddings and college!), you seem very calm and well-organized; that’s totally great! 😀 I haven’t read the Ender or Rama books, I’ll have to look into them.

        We didn’t just read a lot of Ramona, we read them all! I’ve never made it past Ramona and Her Father before, so that was nice. I started the series with my youngest when we back for my grandmother’s funeral, and finished it when I took the kids on a road trip to Chicago to see my Dad and fam. It’s like a 17 hour drive, so we had copious amounts of time to listen to the rest of the series among others!

        Good luck with your triathlon! That will be such a great accomplishment, I admire your devotion and dare I say, courage! 🙂 I hope you’ll still be around a bit between now and November!

        • Have fun in the Rockies! (I saw your tweet, so excited for you!) I’ll be around at least reading and commenting, even if I don’t keep posting as regularly.

          • maisie says:

            We live in the foothills so it’s just a short jaunt up for us. I’m happy to stay close to home for a while! 😊 I’m glad you’ll still be around!

  5. I forgot you were in the foothills of the Rockies, sounds lovely. Thank you! The triathlon is a sprint distance so the beginner level training I am doing isn’t as intense and won’t require much more time than I was already spending for exercise. Thanks, though, the main thing that kind of stresses me is the open water swim. I love swimming but I don’t like murky water or kicking people around me too close.

    • maisie says:

      Will it be in a lake? Cause while murky water is gross, I’d be terrified in the ocean with sharks and tide.

      • Actually we are going today to swim in a lake and I’m a little concerned about alligators but they aren’t aggressive. It’s in a lake. For a race (US Triathlon Series) they’ll remove any big gators in advance. 🙂 But yes, jellies concern me more in the ocean than sharks but they are worrisome too.

      • HI Maisie! Currents scare me in the ocean much more than sharks.

        We went to the lake that we’ll swim in for the triathlon in October and I really had to overcome some fear swimming there. There’s a sign on the swimming beach stating that there are alligators and that sometimes they harm people. But we got a flyer at the ranger station that says in the state of Florida over the last 20 years, on average, there have been 5 unprovoked alligator bites per year. Since there are about 25 million people in Florida, that was reassuring. I think they put those signs up for the kind of people who put peanut butter on their hands to have bears lick it, or approach alligators on purpose. Alligators are shy and prefer not to bother people.

        What was really disconcerting was, even though the water is very clean, it has a lot of tannins and so when you dive even a foot below the surface, even with goggles, you can’t see a thing and no light penetrates. I’m glad we practiced swimming there before the race because it was really weird.

        • maisie says:

          That’s what I hear about alligators. I have a friend from the Bayou and she always tells me… I’d have to hardpass though. I’m excited for you!

  6. Echo Weaver says:

    Grayson and Billie? That flirting moment was so cute. For a split second, I thought, “Grayson! Don’t cheat on — wait.” I don’t read single parent stories often apparently, which seems like a surprise for Simsland.

    I’m kind of sorry Hedy got the Evil trait because the challenge of growing up to be a good vampire seemed like a great storyline. Then again, I ended up having a crazy amount of fun really rolling with an Evil sim when I got one. So I guess we’ll see.

    Hedy really is adorable. Sims 4 children are so great.

    • Echo Weaver says:

      Oh, am I caught up? Woot!

      • Yes, this is it for now for the Teslas. :-\

        • Echo Weaver says:

          I could throw a whine fest, but I haven’t updated for a year I think. I’m watching your blog for when you can come back, at least.

          FWIW, I really wan to read Grayson and Hedy’s stories.

          And I at least opened WordPress this week!

          • That’s great, that you opened up your WordPress. I love Dylan and Andria.

            I do plan to finish Grayson and Hedy’s generations, as well as the 1 1/2 after that to finish the legacy.

            Thank you for reading!

            • Echo Weaver says:

              FWIW: I found an extensive index of Sims 4 troubleshooting tips on Carl’s Guide. Have you seen it? Might be worth picking through:


              • I will look at it! Thanks

              • Echo Weaver says:

                No guarantee it’s anything you haven’t tried, but I thought it was an impressive catalogue of tips.

                • That thread is very helpful! I haven’t tried disabling Origin in Game, which sounds promising, and I also didn’t realize the November patch put the game back in 32 bit. That will probably help too. Thanks very much! That gives me hope that the game will be playable when I get back to it. I’m planning to pick it up again around Thanksgiving, because between now and then I have my daughter’s wedding, other daughter just starting college and trying to be mindful when she needs help (she lives at home), a race I’m training for, and of course, one of the busiest work seasons for me. With my two to three play sessions a week right now, Falls Bridge is an easy flow and takes less energy than delving back into the legacy. The legacy has such weight to it now that it takes more energy to feel that I am doing it justice. But this will be a huge help and I will use the list to troubleshoot when I open up Sims 4 again. Thanks!

    • I really wanted Billie to be the next spouse and contribute her genes to the family tree, and maybe she’ll eventually be a part of the family. I felt the same way about Hedy; I was rooting for the good trait especially since she had angelic as a toddler.

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