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Bee Radcliff

August 20, 2017      In Falls Bridge 2 Comments

Bee Radcliffe, July 2018

Bee Radcliff left Falls Bridge as a young woman to make the life she wanted, independent and free. Years later, she married and had a family on her own terms, and now she’s returned to Falls Bridge with her husband, Erle, her daughter, Karina, and her grandson, Oz.   Bee’s defining characteristics are that she is determined and outspoken.  She is forceful and she would rather tell people the way it is than make them feel good about it.  As a younger woman, Bee was very athletic.

Born:  July 1952

Astrological Sign:  Scorpio

Aspiration:  Romance/Family (Lifetime Want- 20 simultaneous lovers)

Personality:  Neat (6), Sociable (5); Determined (3), Athletic (8),  Outspoken (3)

Genetics:  Brown hair, blue eyes, S2, freckles, no glasses

Romance:  Husband, Erle Radcliff, 0 bolts

Children:  Karina Radcliff

Grandchildren:  Oz Radcliff

Friendship:  Daughter, Karina Radcliff, Grandson, Oz, Husband, Erle


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  1. maisie says:

    Bee sounds like a ton of fun when she was younger! A force to be reckoned with!

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