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Port Prominence

Summer 605

Chelsea Finnbar is 29.  Julien Cooke is 31, and Senator Todd Phillips is 35.

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Chelsea was practicing her speech for the fund raiser in her new apartment, and wondering why she even bothered.

It seemed that her real job description as Todd Phillips’ campaign manager, was as a babysitter.

She arrived at his penthouse early, to make sure all the arrangements were going as planned for the fundraising black tie event, only to find he had let the butler go, and none of the staff had arrived.

Chelsea hustled, and got a substitute entertainer and bar tender, but when guests started to arrive, they still hadn’t shown.

Then, Chelsea’s real work began:  keeping an eye on Senator Phillips to try to limit the damage of his indiscretions.

Chelsea could tell he was interested in the lawyer, Alexis Jones, but when he hit on her, Alexis quietly declined.

Then Todd turned his attention to a very flirty Laney McElveen.  That could get ugly in a skinny minute, Chealsea thought, since Laney certainly would regret anything inappropriate she ended up doing here.

Perhaps Laney was just happy to be out of the house and talking to adults.  Chelsea had seen her at the park with her family, and it was obvious that although Laney prioritized the rearing of her children, being with them for extended periods made her very tense.

As the party wound down, Chelsea was able to talk with Dr. Ono a little, but she still didn’t feel ready to really get behind Todd’s campaign for re-election.

It was long after midnight when Chelsea wrapped up her work there and returned to her apartment.

The next week, Senator Phillips was due to make an appearance at Geek Con.  When it was time for his speech, Chelsea found him playing 3D BlikBlok.

After the speech, they strategized a little about which new events and media appearances to book.

Chelsea showed Todd some of the recent feedback the campaign had received, hoping to motivate him to watch his image a little.

When she got home later that night, she ranted a little to Julien about work, and he fixed her a drink and listened sympathetically.

And fixed her some eggs

Chelsea started to feel a lot better watching his antics as he cooked.


Now Chelsea’s really in the political career, instead of the Secret Agent career (it was added with City Living).  It was funny that Todd tried to secure his butler’s vote, and then he refused.  The next day he had a new butler.


4 Comments so far:

  1. Chelsea has an exciting and busy life. I enjoyed reading about her career and all the tasks she’s held responsible for. It seems like it would be really fun to organize a fundraising party. And that is funny about the butler!

    How nice for her to come home to a boyfriend who pampers her! 🙂

  2. Laura, thanks for reading! You’ve read several posts today! I was really excited about Chelsea being in the “real” politics career, but really, I ended up having her meet her boss at various places for various events, more than just playing it as is. Julien Cooke is her boyfriend- do you remember him from Desiderata Valley? Sims 2 Chelsea fell in love with him so I recreated him in Sims 4. So he’s in the food business anyway. I’d like them to save money for him to start a restaurant eventually.

  3. maisie says:

    Too funny with the butler!! Exciting career for Chelsea, and nice to have Julien to come home too. He’s really aggressive with those eggs! He’s a good looking guy, and I hope that they can make it last. It seems political careers have a lot of drama that unfold within it. Todd needs to learn some restraint, geez!

    • Senator Todd Phillips has not shown any real restraint in either of his incarnations so far. I do like Julien a lot and they’ve been a good couple so far in Sims 4, the few times I’ve played them. I was worried about Chelsea falling for Todd, but while she was running at the gym when he was playable, he hit on her, and she turned him down flat. Thanks for commenting, Maisie!

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