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Aston Hodson

August 7, 2017      In Falls Bridge 3 Comments

Aston Hodson, age 4

At the age of 4, Aston Hodson is precocious and creative. He loves to be read to, paint (when his dad or sitter will allow), takes lots of photos with the camera his dad gave him, begs his dad to teach him to play chess, and wants a puppy to call his own. He plays school and assigns himself homework.  Aston’s mother, Brie, died in childbirth, and his dad doesn’t talk about her. At this age, Aston doesn’t ask a lot questions, either.

Born: January 2013

Astrological Sign:  Pisces

Aspiration: Grow Up, enjoys Arts & Crafts

Personality:  Messy, 2 ; Outgoing 6; Active 8 ; Serious 2 ; Nice 7

Genetics:  Black hair, Custom Aqua Eyes, S4, no freckles, eyeglasses


Friendship:  Friend, Oz Radcliff

Aston, age 4, with his dad, Raine Hodson


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  1. maisie says:

    Aston looks a lot like his Dad! Sad that his Mom died, did you create her in the game then kill her off? Curious how Aston will take the lack of knowledge as he grows, Raine may need to step out of his comfort zone.

    • Aston is made from the same starter sim as his dad and I didn’t change him much at all. I thought about making a mom and killing her off but I really didn’t want to, so I didn’t. I might regret taking that shortcut later, but what to do. I agree, Raine will need to be willing to talk about his mom with him as he gets older (and like Nolan) in my opinion, it would help to talk about it earlier before it becomes even more difficult. But Raine is really reserved. Right now Aston is so fixated on getting a dog or getting a puppy or getting a kitten.

      • maisie says:

        Aww Aaron needs something to love. Hopefully Raine gets him something. I vote a puppy/dog, more fun for a boy to play with. Yes I totally agree on talking sooner! It’s a real life motto of mine as well.

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