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And in the Morning

September 23, 2017      In Falls Bridge 6 Comments

Grand Pass

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Round 2, Summer 2019

Daniel Ono is 46  years old, Sayuri Ono is 51.  Seiki Ono is  21 and Yuki Ono is 12.  Suzanne Preston is 20.

Two years had passed since they had separated after that trip to Three Lakes, at the brink of divorcing.

After they separated, Sayuri had renewed her specialist license and begun her supervised work as in high risk obstetrics.  If she ended up being a single parent, she felt the increased pay and more control over her hours (than a small town general practitioner) would be valuable.  And if they got back together, then she would have made the most of the time.  She hoped her husband would show that he was committed to their family and be able to get his focus back.

Daniel had worked through recruiters to find a job on the other side of the country from the Peninsula State.  He wanted to win Sayuri back; he wanted a future with her.  Even if he wasn’t able to control his obsession with another woman who didn’t even return his advances, at least he could control his proximity to her.  But after he made the decision to start looking for work on the west coast, the obsession had dissipated.

Eighteen months later, Daniel had gotten a job offer in Grand Pass, clear across the country, on the west coast.

Daniel was offered a position as Executive Director for public relations, for a division of a major game company.

Not only had he gotten the offer,  he had also made amends with Sayuri not long before.

He asked Sayuri if he should give up the job opportunity, but she was excited for him and was ready for a big move too.  She began applying to the regional medical center at Grand Pass, and was soon offered a job as an obstetrics specialist.

The family decided to live just across the river in a rented townhome, until they could get the lay of the land.

The riverfront neighborhood was a park district with good schools, within easy walking distance for Yuki, who was about to start junior high in the fall.

It was a short commute for Sayuri, which was a valuable convenience for an obstetrics specialist on call.

The townhome had a spacious attic room as well, to give their adult son Seiki a bit more privacy from the rest of the family.

Seiki had graduated from Peninsula State University, with a bachelors of science in engineering (after switching from art, much to his mother’s relief).  Everyone was happy with Seiki’s decision to move west with the family, and stay with them until he could get on his feet.  Seiki was happy to get any kind of job that allowed him to tinker, just to get some income and experience, and then he hoped to break into the robotics industry, eventually.

When Sayuri was away delivering babies, Daniel let Yuki come stay up late in his room to watch TV or play games.

Yuki was really happy to go in her dad’s room, since she heard such odd noises from her room sometimes.

Whatever the neighbors were doing on the other side of the wall, it was really weird and loud.

In the mornings, Yuki’s mom was often home from the hospital, and sometimes she made pancakes.

“Four on the floor, young lady,” Dr. Ono admonished her headstrong daughter.  Yuki dropped the back legs of the chair to the floor.

“What time do you leave?” she asked her son.

Seiki looked at his watch, panicked, and ran out to catch the bus for work.  He’d gotten a job at a local auto repair shop, just till he could find something in his field.

“And what time did you go to sleep, Yuki?” Sayuri asked.

“I went to bed at nine,” Yuki said proudly.

Her mom looked at her sternly.

“Dad said I could watch the Late Show,” she said, without looking up at her mom.

Yuki changed the subject abruptly. “Mom, you said I could join YoSo this week!”

“Yes, you are correct,” Sayuri admitted.  “I’ve asked Seiki to take you out to meet the coach for tryouts this evening, if I have to go in to work.”

That afternoon, Yuki talked Seiki into taking her to the playing fields early, so she could warm up.

At the tryouts, Yuki did a great job, scoring on the goalie all but one time.

One time when she made a really good goal, she looked over to see if Seiki was watching, but he was walking off the field.

She wasn’t surprised at all to see that he was talking to a girl.

Later that night, after the rest of the family was in bed, Seiki met another girl.

But this girl, Alison, was from next door, and she was complaining that an odd smell was coming from the Ono’s house.

While he was still talking to her, another neighbor came up and complained about the same thing.

“Hey, I’m sorry, dude,” Seiki said.  “Let me go make sure everything’s cleaned up inside.”

Seiki cleaned the whole kitchen and the bathroom.  Hopefully, that would take care of whatever the neighbors were smelling.

“Hey,” Allison yelled at him one evening as he was in the back yard of the complex.

Seiki tried to duck out of sight before she knew for sure it was him.  He really didn’t want to get yelled at again about the bad smell.

“I heard you’re a mechanic,” she said.  “I know a place that needs one.”

Alison told him about this little town, an hour away on the interstate, that desperately needed an auto mechanic.   She told him how she’d broken down there in the winter and no one was available to fix her car.

Seiki told her he’d think about it, but he felt like it was sort of bizarre for her to expect him to drive so far for such a piddly job.

“Also,” Alison told him, “My neighbor thinks you’re cute.”

Seiki figured it was worth the chance, to meet her friend.

She set Seiki up with Suzanne Preston, who lived in another unit in the complex.

Suzanne had just gotten home from work when Seiki arrived for the date.  She smiled at him.  Her eyes crinkled with joy when she smiled.   Seiki liked her.

Feeling bold, Seiki grabbed her hand and asked if she’d like to go walk around the lake at the nearby park.  “Sure,” she said, “just let me change first.”

After walking for a while, they talked.

And talked.  Sometimes they disagreed, but Suzanne seemed not to mind whether Seiki agreed with her or not.

They talked late into the night, enjoying the balmy warmth of the pavement and the cool night breeze, the stars, and the city lights.

Gameplay Notes:

  • Suzanne is one of Milla Oliver’s best friends!  And she moved in to one of the apartments in the Ono’s townhouse complex.
  • Also, Alison was the motorist who asked Raine to fix her car in the winter in Round 1.  She also lives in the complex.
  • There were noisy neighbors, the fire service, and angry neighbors, all in one night.  It was really hard for the family to get any sleep.  I don’t know how long I’ll be able to tolerate having them in an apartment but I didn’t feel up to building a home either and I had this CC free apartment from the same game file as my hospital.
  • Finally, here’s the scoop with Daniel and Sayuri. As Sims 2 sims, they are happy as peas in a pod.  They constantly ACR each other.  (As a Sims 4 sim, Daniel was obsessed with another sim, Naomi Redbird, who he had flirted with at a party as a sims 2 sim.)  So we’ll see how he does as he gets to know more sims, but he behaved himself really well in this round.
  • Basically he wanted to play video games and be friends with Sayuri and his kids.

6 Comments so far:

  1. Is Grand Pass your downtown hood to Falls Bridge? You are making me miss TS2 with these lovely neighborhood shots! 🙂

    I am happy to see this family in any version of the game. I’m excited for Daniel and Sayuri, they seem to be headed in a positive direction! It’s great to hear about all of their new career moves and Seiki’s graduation. This is a fun time for him to join his family again at home, even if it’s only for a short while. I can’t wait to see Yuki as a teenager. Does she age up at 13?

    • Yes, Grand Pass is the downtown for Falls Bridge. I really have enjoyed using the Sims 2 maps and bringing it to life. As for the Ono Family, I think you probably met them first in Sims 4, but I barely think of them as Sims 4 sims, since they had been in Sims 2 for years before the move. Yuki will age up at 13; my age span has children from 4-12 and teens from 13-18. I’m glad I got to play her again as a child in Sims 2 before she grows up but it will be cool to see her as a teen. I guess I need to decide if I’m randomizing or choosing aspirations for teens, or at least for her.

  2. Carla says:

    Aw, I hope Daniel and Sayuri can make it work this time! I think a fresh start in a new town has done them good, so fingers crossed it continued.

    I look forward to seeing what happens with Seiki and Suzanne! He seems very smitten with her at the moment, though it’s obviously early days.

    I do a mix of randomising and choosing aspirations for my teens. Sometimes I’ve had a good idea of what aspiration they should be since childhood and sometimes I have no clue. I let that guide me!

    • Daniel and Sayuri’s Sims 2 selves seem very well suited. I think that they were just missing too many parts of their personality as Sims 4 sims, since they only get three traits and don’t have all the personality points.

      Seiki is also more settled as an adult than he was as a young adult. I wonder if he would have settled down so much, been more centered, if he’d continued with all his experiences as a young adult. But I have seen Sims 2 young adults make a real shift and be more centered as adults before, so I’m happy to go with the way he’s leading his life now. He did make a bee-line for that teen at the park, but he didn’t roll any wants to follow up with her later.

      Yuki is such a strong personality, I may have to pick her aspiration for her. It would just be insane for her to get pleasure, for example. She seems like a fortune sim to me because she’s so focused on performance.

  3. maisie says:

    Grand Pass is gorgeous! I can understand the annoyances of apartment lots, but at the same time, they’re rather big city and kind of charming too. Their home looks great, and I love the entire city! The river is especially and how the city was built around it. I believe you said it was inspired by Tampa? One of my dearest friends from here, is looking to move there.

    I have my eyes on Daniel, I’m glad that he’s doing well for now, but when moving to a new place, it’s easy to be close to your family, because you don’t even know anyone else!

    • So true, in a new place everyone has a fresh start and you stick together with family! Plus, Sims 2 Daniel just ticks a little differently than Sims 4 Daniel. He’s a lot more grounded. I was so happy to see you got a computer and got back into Millwood!

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