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All Hell

November 18, 2017      In Take Me to the Moon 10 Comments

Take Me to the Moon 7.21

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It was the middle of the night.  Hedy sat straight up in bed.  In the middle of a nightmare, the Count had told her to wake up.  She heard shouts from the nursery parlor.

Her Aunt Aubree and her Grandfather, Fearghus, were trying to put out a fire.

“Granddaddy,” she exclaimed, “you fixed the fireplace, why did it start a fire?”  Fearghus told Grayson to take her to safety.

Fires blazed in the different fireplaces, and Fearghus and Aubree continued to fight them through the night.  Meanwhile, Alyse found herself outside the castle, as if waking suddenly from sleep walking.

“I thought we should meet in person,” Absinthe said, “since we’ve been chatting online for a while.”

Alyse looked at the vampire in front of her, thinking she must still be dreaming.

Then, she felt a strong desire to lay down and sleep.  As if in a trance, she walked to the castle’s crypt.

She needed peace and quiet.  She climbed into the coffin and pulled down the lid.

The next evening, Hedy had finished her school work and was working on her potions set.

When it was almost bedtime, her Grandma Alyse called her downstairs, to the kitchen, for a bedtime snack.

Grandma wanted to know how Hedy was doing lately, and whether she’d seen the Count.  Grandma seemed quite curious about the Count all the sudden.  Hedy ate, and refused to answer.

After she tucked Hedy in, Alyse was walking in the courtyard, when the Count suddenly appeared.

Alyse was excited to see him.  She had so many questions, and she wanted to tell him about the vampire she’d met through the forum.  She wanted to know if he could help her figure out how to convince Fearghus to become a vampire and extend his life.

“Don’t seek that vampire from the forums again,” he said.  “She is up to no good.  It may, in fact, be too late.”

Alyse was about to ask why she should not pursue a friendship with the mysterious young vampire from the forum, when Aubree came looking for her.

“Who is this?” she asked Alyse, looking alarmed.

Before Alyse could introduce the Count, he disappeared.

The next day, Fearghus asked Alyse to walk with him on the beach.  He knew he grew more frail by the day, and worried that he wouldn’t have the opportunity to say goodbye, if he left it to the last minute.

Fearghus was content with the life he had lived, and although he didn’t want to die, he knew he couldn’t life forever.  He knew Alyse had been distressed and wasn’t ready for him to die.

“You have been my rock and my joy,” he said.  “I couldn’t be happier than to have shared my life wiht you.”

Grayson was throwing a birthday party that evening, for Fox.  Natasha, Felicity’s younger daughter, and Fox’s step daughter, Nikki, were there.

Death had not been invited, but as the family was finishing up with dinner, he made himself at home.

Fearghus looked at Alyse.  This was his final moment.

Alyse got up to go talk to Death, but he moved away from her.  She looked, worried, at Fearghus.

Meanwhile, the Count had decided to accept the dinner party invitation and was on his way.

The kitchen doors opened, and Hedy walked in, her head bowed.  She looked unusually sedate and sad.

“The Count is dead,” she said.

Death stood over the Count for a long time, as the light around them faded.  It just didn’t seem possible that he was supposed to reap the Count’s undead soul.

But as the last light faded, he made his decision.  Fearghus looked on, stunned.  He was sure Death had come for him.

Aubree was inside with Alyse, and she looked at her sister, not knowing what to make of her actions or her attitude lately.

Alyse calmly sipped on one of her smoking potions, seeming impervious to the strange events going on around them.

After Aubree gave up and went to bed, Alyse found death in the crypts.  She approached him, determined to find out what she needed to do to make a deal for Fearghus’ life.

Gameplay Notes:

  • First, the status of the infamous lag!  After Susan pointed it out,  I tried all the steps Carl’s Forum recommended for improving the lag in Sims 4.  It didn’t make enough difference in the game until after the early November 2017 patch, and it does seem better now.  I have turned off Origin in-game, and turned my graphics settings a little lower. I am also very pleased that the sim team has finally released a way to favorite families so they can’t be culled, and various sim population limits to impose on the game.  My legacy save, with all the Tesla relatives tagged, has 88 sims, a little more than the lowest limit of 80, so I set the game for 150 sims which is the max recommended number.
  • I took these pictures this summer before I gave up on playing Sims 4 due to the lag.  I was sure, as soon as death showed up, that Fearghus was about to die.  It was quite a shock when I found out he was there for the Count.  The Count definitely died because of the lag because it took him hours and hours and hours to approach the house.  I saw him out there but he looked ok and I couldn’t do anything about it even if I had tried due to the lag.  It then took death hours and hours and hours to take him.  At this point, the game was unplayable because of the huge lag and it was impossible for any action to occur because sims would stand around for half a day at a time after you tried to do anything.  And this was in a very new save, too!
  • Fearghus had upgraded all the fireplaces to be fireproof, but fires kept breaking out anyway.  Earlier in the day, Alyse had invited Absinthe over, and while the fires were breaking out, she suddenly appeared in the nursery, which I thought was very odd and decided to pin yet another evil deed on her, arson.  
  • In the midst of all this craziness and the lag, Hedy pestered Reese Conroy, the count’s faithful butler in previous posts, to the point that she quit.  However, with all the other stuff going on I wasn’t able to get any decent pictures of Hedy and Reese.

10 Comments so far:

  1. Charlotte says:

    Yay! So glad to see an update, and I’m really happy that the patch seems to have resolved your lag issues. Technical problems like that really take the fun out of playing! I’m curious if we’ll see any cats or dogs appear 🙂 Alyse needs to watch out, she seems to be heading down a path that may lead into darkness…

  2. Hi Charlotte, thanks for reading and commenting! I am sorry I didn’t see your comment sooner!

    I played again after posting this and there’s still some lag, but not nearly as horrible as before. I look forward to seeing pets show up as well! And I agree completely, Alyse is headed down a dangerous dark path. I don’t even want to see her go down it, as a writer or player! But we’ll see what happens!

  3. Carla says:

    Wow, I had no idea your lag problems were so bad! They actually caused a death – that’s crazy! I’m glad they’ve improved now.

    I think the death of the Count could prove to be dangerous for the Teslas, now that Absinthe won’t have him around to try to stop her. And Alyse needs to be seriously, seriously careful now!

    • I didn’t realize a month has gone by since I’ve checked the blog. Thanks for commenting, Carla, Laura, Susan & Maisie! and I’m so sorry to be so late in replying. I keep thinking I’ll find a little time to start up the game and check it out. I am still interested but my priorities have shifted a bit. I qualified to compete at the US Triathlon Association Age Group championships in Cleveland, OH in August 2018, and working out, resting, and nutrition has been my 1st priority.

      As for the Teslas, it’s really unclear to me how things are going to go, if the game continues to be playable, which I do hope. I don’t want Alyse to go down the path of becoming a vampire and not sure where the story will go. When I was playing regularly I was trying to think how to get all of the Teslas out of the vampire life in a way that worked for the story although I was not going to just yank them out. Grayson’s been studying vampirism and growing plants to enable his daughter to cope with vampirism and I’d also hoped, to cure it one day if that worked well for the story. It would be great to finish the last three generations. Thanks again for commenting.

  4. Laura says:

    You posted! Yay! Sorry I’m late to the party!

    I worry for this family now, with Absinthe snooping around and without the count’s protection and advice. But I suppose that is a nice surprise for Fearghus—you had me convinced he was a goner, too!

    Hedy is such a beautiful child! I see she got pointy ears! 🙂

    I hope your computer might continue to behave better for you. I never ran into any lag bugs with TS4, but I’m dealing with a nasty save glitch at the moment. I haven’t even seen anyone talking about my exact problem, so I am mystified.

    • Laura, so glad you haven’t had the lag, which is really hopeful because you have a lot of sims! Sorry to hear about your save glitch and I hope you were able to work through it. If anyone figures out a mysterious bug with sims, it will be you with your experience and determination. I love seeing your posts.

  5. maisie says:

    Well that’s no good! The Count is dead (which btw game lag killing him would have me throwing my game!), and now Absinthe has less in her way, for whatever her ulterior motive is! I know it can’t be good, and Alyse is changing into a person that I barely recognize. I hope that she doesn’t go down this dark path. I will be so sad when Fearghus does go, he’s been really fun to watch grow up.

    I hope that the lag isn’t that terrible with the new game packs. I have TS4 on my macbook, but I don’t have anywhere the amount of your sim history. I have like two families that I pop into play now and again.

    • Maisie, even before I started training as much for triathlons, the lag in the game did throw me off quite a lot and it makes it hard to want to invest time in it! I was really unhappy about the Count dying from the lag. And losing Fearghus is also something I do not look forward to. Sims 4 is fun to pop into; if I’d known the issues I’d run into with Sims 4 playing a legacy I probably never would have started it (losing genealogy, losing ghosts, culling, and now the lag), but even with them I’m glad I did because the Teslas have been great to play through the generations. I am also so upset about Alyse’s path. This is what I get for playing whims and having vampires about, I think. Thanks again for commenting!

  6. Echo Weaver says:

    A post from the Teslas!

    I could feel the lag frustration under this post. I’m sorry the tips and tricks didn’t help.

    I’m sorry the lag killed the Count. I’m curious — and nervous — about Alyse’s subplot. And kinda hoping Grayson finds true love late in life.

    • Hi Susan, so glad to see you around! I read your new post but haven’t commented yet. It would be great for Grayson to find love, although right now all his energies go towards the well being of Hedy. Thanks for commenting!

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