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July, 2020

Milla Oliver is turning 21 this month, and Luc Belrose turns 21 in September 2020.

Narrated by Milla.

Luc and I were robbed in early summer, and it has really shaken me up.

It happened one night after we went to bed.  Luc woke up to get a drink of water and found the robber in the house.  He got a good look at her before she ran off, with his wallet and our little box where I was keeping our tip money.  He called the police and an officer was there in minutes, which was great, but she was already gone.

We’ve been working really hard, working at the diner, going to culinary school, and trying to scrimp and save, and it just felt like a slap in the face.

I went the next morning to the police station to file formal charges.  I had to walk right past the space I’m hoping to lease for the bakery, which made me even more angry.  We’d saved almost $8000, and we need $33,000 to lease the space and start up the business.  I had nearly $3000 in tips in that box.  I’m hoping though, that eventually we can qualify for a loan.

By the time I got to the police station, I was seething.

The officer at the front desk told me to have a seat, and disappeared into the back of the station.

When the detective called me back to give my report, she looked at me as if I were the one on trial.

“Officer Derrickson told me he answered your call last night.  He noted here that your boyfriend reported the thief stole $3000 in cash?”

“Yes, and his wallet,” I said.  She looked at me.

“We can’t verify the theft of cash,” she said, exasperated.  “I don’t know what you expect us to do.”

“Let Luc come in and give you a description, at least,” I said.  “He got a good look at her.”

“He can come in if he wants,” she said.

But apparently there was nothing to be done, but file the report.  There is very little hope that anything would be done to either get our money back or identify the thief.

I went home.  It was a day off from the diner, so Luc was practicing his new love, the electric guitar.

I decided to make some pancakes.  Cooking calms me, and makes me happy.

But Luc and I got into an argument over breakfast.  I told him about what happened at the police station.

He sees their point, and says we just need to accept that money is gone.

How can he be so calm?!  He says just let it go, and let the police do their job.  But they aren’t doing their job, that’s the whole point!

That afternoon at culinary school, I talked to my classmate, Melissa.

She was a lot better listener than Luc, and she totally agrees with me that it’s unacceptable for the police to just let that thief get away scot free.

We had a pastry exam that evening, and I made a berry pie.  The instructor was pretty critical of my entry.

Which made me even madder.  It didn’t help that Officer Derrickson is in my class and he got full points.  He didn’t even prepare a dessert, which was the assignment.

The next day we needed some groceries, and before work, we went to the General Store.

My friend, Suzanne, was in the back making out with a guy I hadn’t met.

After he came out to play video games, I went over to catch up and find out about this new guy.  She’s head over heels, thinks he’s the most amazing guy she’s ever known.

I realized, with all the work and school, I’d lost touch with Suzanne, and really, all our friends, so we threw a dinner party later that week.

Chinwe and Suzanne came,

and Suzanne’s new guy, Seiki, and a bunch of guys Luc knows were all there.

Fortunately, Seiki didn’t spend the whole time making out with Suzanne.

And at some point, the toilet clogged and Luc had to fix it.

This whole robbery thing made me forget, that Luc is really a great boyfriend.  He fixed the toilet, mopped the whole bathroom, and cleaned the whole kitchen after the party.

Then the next day he called the police station to see if there was any update on our case.

I decided there was something I could do. I opened an online savings account.  I set up our paycheck for direct deposit, and I can deposit the tips through the local ATM, so we don’t have such a large amount of money just sitting around if anyone ever breaks in again.

When I finished, I found Luc in the living room.

For my 21st birthday, we all went out to the brewpub.

We rented out the karaoke machine for a half hour.  Seiki and Luc sang a duet.

Luc’s still got a long way to go with his musical finesse but he’s entertaining, that’s for sure.

Gameplay Notes:

  • It was probably pretty obvious, but I’m using the hobby lot as a culinary school for Milla and Luc.  They got two promotions in the culinary career and are both fast food managers now.
  • Seiki and Suzanne appear to be quite involved with each other.  When I play his house, I’l find out what’s going on with that.  Seiki’s probably going to be the mechanic at the general store garage, and move to Falls Bridge.
  • Luc and Milla have a burglar alarm, so in game, Officer Derrickson caught the thief, whose name is Alex Rocha.  I know her name because both Luc and Milla are furious at her.  With Luc’s personality, though, he is a lot more laid back about it.  Milla fumed throughout the whole play session, thought about the theft, and talked to everyone about it.
  • I added decorations, a food processor, and a sink to their kitchen, which cost roughly $3000, so I decided to chalk that up to the theft.
  • Carla mentioned having one of her sims put their money in a bank account so they could earn interest, so I was planning to do that so Milla can save up faster, and it kind of fit with the storyline.
  • Luc and Milla really were losing relationship points over the pancakes discussing the police
  • This was probably just a conversation topic, but it made me think Luc was checking up on the police case for Milla.  

I took these pictures of Officer Derrickson and Alex Rocha at the jail but decided not to work them into the story, at least at this point.


2 Comments so far:

  1. Carla says:

    Although I can see Luc’s point that there wasn’t much they could do about the cash, I can also see Milla’s POV that that doesn’t mean the police couldn’t have even pretended to care a little! It is their job, after all.

    Very clever to use the hobby lot as a culinary school! I’ve always planned to build one one of these days but have never got around to it.

    Curious to see Seiki’s side of things with Suzanne, when you play him next.

    And yes, all my poor sims dump most of their money in their bank accounts! The interest is far more generous than any bank account I’ve come across in real life. 😉 It’s a tiny bit cheaty but my sims pay out for all sorts of things they wouldn’t have to if I was playing the game as is, so I don’t worry about that. 🙂

  2. True, the interest with Monique’s computer is higher than real life. I haven’t had a real life break-in at home, but from what I’ve heard, the police rarely solve those kind of cases and if you don’t have insured items that are documented, I think you are out of luck. In game, Milla kept stopping what she was doing, thinking about the break-in, or thinking about the thief and how furious she was with her. And she kept talking to everyone who would listen about it. Luc was a lot more laid back about it. I saw him get furious about it one time. And they were both asleep when it happened so it’s not like he witnessed it or anything different from Milla.

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