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February 18, 2017      In Take Me to the Moon 14 Comments

Take Me to the Moon 7.10

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Readers, although this blog is normally well within a PG-13 rating, please note this post includes erotic images that may push that limit.

Continued notes in a journal belonging to Grayson Tesla

This  evening after another lone supper, I was escorted by the Count to Ms. Morai’s private drawing room. I expected to meet the elderly countess, and discuss the matter of the art appraisals.

Ms. Morai, presumably, was looking into the hearth, with her back to me, as the Count left me.   In spite of her age, she appeared to be virile, slightly muscular and sinewy, although her skin had a definite pallor.  She wore a slinky purple gown and her black hair was pulled up in stacks on her head.

Even as I concentrate on the memory of the event, it evades explanation.

As she turned to me, and I hesitate to write this, she was not the same woman.  It wasn’t that she changed before my eyes, it was like I had lost a few moments in time and another, similar looking, but different one, now stood before me, in a different part of the room.  Her hair was adorned with pearls and jewels, and she wore a sari.  The sari was chastely wrapped, but the woman before me was not bound by mores.

Her aspect was terrifying.  She had the same glowing eyes and long, sharp canines as the women in my dream of the night before, but her eyes were sunken into her skull and her skin appeared to be fine, but cracked, porcelain.

“Call me Absinthe,” she purred at me, as she sauntered towards me, reached up, and caressed the back of my neck.  Before my eyes, her visage became younger, her eyes less sunken.

Like a child playing with a temperamental cat, I was charmed, but feared being attacked if I made the wrong move, and froze.

“I trust you have had opportunity to peruse our treasures,” she laughed.  “And have formed an opinion of their value.”

We discussed the value and auction logistics of several of her favorite paintings.

As we talked, erotic images kept flickering across my mind.

Cold kisses that made my belly burn

I dreamed I was looking down on myself

Hallucinations of a changeling

At one time, I felt I would suffocate

Grasping at breath and wanting

And just for a barely perceptible moment, tenderness

When I regained my senses, I asked, how she could bear to part with the priceless family heirlooms I had noticed about the castle.

“When you have lived as long as I have,” she smiled menacingly, “you will see that material gain is easily replaced; but finding a reason to continue rising, as moons and decades unfailingly come and go, has the true potential to become unbearable.”

Her answer made no sense to me, but I have written it down in the hopes that I will find a way to exploit this situation.  Presently, I find myself, for the first time, at least a step behind my prey.

Journal of Absinthe Morai

Although I felt I had designed the perfect scheme to lighten the heart of my count, he fails to see the fun in it.  He doesn’t even rise to the occasion to rebuke me.

“I see your plan unfolding,” he told me, after my first official meeting with our art appraiser.  “How is your new plaything?”

“Sleeping fitfully,” I reported.

    The Count looked sad.  “I will not counter you,” he said.  “However, I do not foresee engaging in your game.”

The count, unlike his younger self, seems only to care to live his interminable days in peace, without the thrill of domination.

“I have grown weary of using others,” he told me, plaintively.

Pathetic. I leave him, disgusted.

To comfort myself, in the grief of losing a mentor and long partner in crime, I hunted before sleep, publicly, hoping the count would be forced to reprimand and rein me in, as he has in the past.

I found that this only whetted my thirst, and returned to the castle wanting something more scintillating, to occupy the rest of the night.

After slaking my thirst further, I enjoyed the unfolding of my longer range plan at a leisurely pace.

Gameplay Notes:

  • Thank you to Choudo Sims for the Against the Wall poses in Absinthe’s green parlor room.
  • The final pose in the bedroom is Couple Pose N7 by Kiru
  • The next to last screencap shows Absinthe using the game interaction, Compel to Drink, on Grayson.
  • Since this is a legacy-style story, I want to explain logistically what’s going on in the game.   I don’t play by the legacy rules, for the most part, and for this part of the story I moved Grayson into Forgotten Hollow with Absinthe and the Count for about five game days.  I turned off aging and saved separately in case anything happens to Fearghus and Alyse, still back at home in San Myshuno.
  • There are a few gameplay and story reasons, that Absinthe is such a changeling.  First, Sims 4 Vampires have a dark form in addition to their regular sim form, which is cool and fun to play with.  I set Absinthe’s dark form with  more dramatic looks and vampire details like sunken eyes.  From a story-telling perspective, since she is undead, and has the vampiric power of allure, she projects an image instead of just appearing as she physically is (dead).  Because of that, I used a lot more freedom than usual in choosing vastly different hair styles, including some very different color which I haven’t used yet up till now in the story.  Finally, in Bram Stoker’s book, three women haunted Jonathan Harker, and I thought, instead of having a literal three women, I would just have one vampire, Absinthe, who changes between different appearances.

14 Comments so far:

  1. cathytea says:

    Absinthe is a great character !

  2. Very nice! That was exactly the kind of affair I was hoping for between these two! 😀 I can’t wait to see where they go from here.

    Absinthe is an interesting character, particularly her relationship to the Count and their (newly) differing ideas about using others to drink. She seems very disappointed in his change of heart.

    I haven’t read Dracula yet (it’s on my to-read list!), but I love that you’re drawing inspiration from it for this story. It feels perfect for Grayson. I couldn’t even imagine a better life experience for him and his chosen career and habits. It’s like this vampires pack came out just in time for him, lol!

    • Yay!! I am so glad you are enjoying their tawdry and bizarre affair 🙂 The Count used to relish his power over others but after centuries of domination, he wishes now more for peace than for temporary pleasure or control over others. Peace is the one thing that truly eludes him, and he has realized he has to give up his deeply ingrained habits and way of living to attain it. Absinthe still gets a lot of pleasure from the game, though, so she is disgusted by his loss of drive and would even be happy just to see him challenge her, if not join in.

      Dracula is a pretty quick read and really interesting. It’s a commentary on gender roles pre-feminism; I think Bram Stoker was pretty insightful for someone steeped in the rigid times he lived in.

      Thanks so much for reading & commenting, Laura!

  3. Carla says:

    Absinthe is definitely going to be an interesting character to watch! And I’m also glad Grayson is definitely alive, given my reaction to your last update, lol. I can relax a little bit now and enjoy watching this story unfold. 😉

    • Yes, Grayson is still alive! I went back and edited that heading about “found” in his journal so it doesn’t mislead anyone else who reads it! Thanks so much for reading and for the feedback, Carla! I have a definite idea of how I am thinking of the story unfolding but I am not totally sure yet exactly how Grayson will be changed by this experience.

  4. Wow, this is wonderful! I’ve haven’t read the Bram Stoker books but I have seen the movie with Keanu Reeves. lol Poor Grayson though, I’m intrigued at how he is going to escape.

    • That’s the movie that made me fall in love with Bram Stoker’s book! The book is a bit drier than the movie but most of what they did in the movie is there in the book, it’s just updated for impact (in my opinion).

      Glad you’re intrigued by Grayson’s plight. Thanks for reading!

  5. Echo Weaver says:

    I was going to make sure that all of the vampire women were the same sim. Thanks for the explanation.

    This is delightfully creepy and erotic, just as vampires should be.

  6. maisie says:

    Well now I know that you did read Dracula. 🙂 I love that book. This is really intriguing, I am a sucker for horror and this is a suspenseful and great storyline. I love all the different ways that Absinthe can look, and the ways you’ve shown her dark form, and hair styles/colors. It’s all very visually enticing. Grayson is definitely in over his head!

    • Thanks, Maisie, so glad you like the way Absinthe is such a changeling. It is a lot of fun hearing all your comments, especially since you liked Bram Stoker’s book as well. It’s kind of funny, I didn’t realize how much I would relish writing this suspenseful horror until I got into it.

  7. Absinthe is so disappointed in the Count’s new ways that, apart from drinking publicly now, she decided to find some brief comfort in Greyson.
    Greyson on the other hand seems totally infatuated with her. I wonder how that will eventually play out!

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