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Finley Abbey

Birthdate:  March 3, 585

Finley Abbey is brand new to the Peninsula State.  She has no family left, and is looking for a place to belong.   Finley has just moved into the old farmhouse her great aunt left to her.  Since the farmhouse was built, the Port Prominence suburbs spread out around it and now it sits on a street of starter homes.

Finley is disciplined in her dress and habits; she is an orderly person who is also quite personable.

Her next door neighbor, Micheal Schaffer, seems very interested in her, and she asked him out.

Finley just got her respiratory therapist certification and has just started at Port Prominence hospital.  She’s focused on work but would like to find love, too.

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  1. maisie says:

    She’s adorable! And I adore the name Finley, it’s on my short list for Lily-Mae’s eventual children (for her Dad, Finn). Finley is gorgeous, love her freckles, and bright eyes, hope she finds some friends soon to make it feel like home.

    • I adore her nose! And of course, her freckles. Which they (the developers) should have made genetic but they didn’t. And they should have made body freckles an option too! I love redheads, so I stacked Simdale Valley with redheads to keep them all from dying out. So it looks like a Weasley’s convention.

      Thanks for commenting!

      • maisie says:

        Whole body freckles? That’d be a dream! And I agree that freckles being genetic would have been really nice. ‘Weasley convention’ totally made me giggle, and have an intense desire to watch some Harry Potter. I should have done just as you are, and made a monstrosity amount of redheads, because I have so very few.

        • My younger daughter and I just did our first ever Full Harry Potter Movie Marathon on December 28, starting at 5:17 AM and ending at 12:40. It was really intense, but cool to see them all at once. Then she started reading, and she just finished all the books this morning. Oh, lovely school holidays!

          • maisie says:

            That is awesome! All in one day! We do LOTR in one day, and that is quite a lot for me! But I do love snuggling down to watch some great movies, and usually I pick up knitting then too. And wtg on your daughter reading all the books, that’s gotta be a record time! You remind me that we did want to watch the HP movies over break, too bad my son will be away until tomorrow afternoon or I might try your marathon.

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