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A Note Unsaid

Take Me to the Moon 6.14

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Fearghus munched on an apple and waited for Alyse to wake, so he could tell her again how much he loved her.

They’d been trying to conceive since the wedding, but so far, no luck.  And their disappointment seemed more difficult to bear, each time they got another negative pregnancy test.

TS4_x64 2016-03-05 20-45-23-51

Alyse tried to take her mind off of it by practicing the violin, playing the piano, and swimming.

TS4_x64 2016-03-05 21-03-10-18

Fearghus came with her to the bathroom to see what the news was, today.

TS4_x64 2016-03-05 21-31-46-17

And when they got another single pink line, with no hint of a second line, he did his best to comfort her.

TS4_x64 2016-03-05 21-31-48-57

Fox had grown up so much, and the family planned a party for him.  Once again, Zoe was catering, not willing to give that responsibility to someone else, despite her age and her family’s insistence that she be able to freely enjoy the party instead of serving everyone.  Fox, who was normally a cheerful and rambunctious child, was not happy about being sent out to greet the guests.

TS4_x64 2016-03-05 21-52-06-39


Uncle Eric came, and got to know his new nephew.  Eric had also been much younger than everyone else, and he and Fox hit it off pretty well.

TS4_x64 2016-03-05 21-12-11-79

Fiona and Elizabeth, Dennis’ daughter, were also there.  The family caught up on each other’s news.  Yuki was doing well as a programmer, and she, Misa, and Sakura weren’t able to make it, but Fiona gave everyone their love.  Everyone looked forward to Misa, Sakura, and Fox having a chance to get to know each other, and play together.

TS4_x64 2016-03-05 21-14-04-27

That evening, after the guests had gone, and everyone had gone to bed, Zoe enjoyed some music in the quiet of the great room.  She thought of Ewan, her soulmate.  She had never pictured herself having a whole other life, with a new baby, after he was gone, rather, pictured herself living quietly for a short time and then joining him.

TS4_x64 2016-03-05 21-35-16-52

She was grateful for the family that surrounded her, and Fox, and that she knew would always be there for him.  She was grateful for the energy and zest for life she saw in Fox’s eyes, and his admiration and love for Fearghus, Alyse, and his aunts and uncles.

TS4_x64 2016-03-05 21-35-21-78

Grim entered the room, and Zoe felt she was falling, and rising, at the same time.

TS4_x64 2016-03-05 21-37-08-82

Fox, who had gone to bed but not fallen asleep yet, heard commotion and ran into the great room. TS4_x64 2016-03-05 21-38-04-27

It wasn’t long before Fearghus and Alyse heard his sobs and came running, too.  Fox looked at them, and saw the grief on their faces.  Why was everyone just standing there, crying?!

TS4_x64 2016-03-05 21-40-21-41

Fox came up behind Grim, and gave his robes a hard tug.  He begged him to give him mom more time with them.

TS4_x64 2016-03-05 21-39-45-51

And he did.

TS4_x64 2016-03-05 21-40-39-65

Zoe felt so amazing, with her second chance at life, she decided a swim was a great way to celebrate.

TS4_x64 2016-03-05 22-18-02-04

As she enjoyed the refreshing water, and the vitality she had not felt in so long, Fox enthusiastically relived his triumph to Fearghus.

TS4_x64 2016-03-05 22-19-46-28 TS4_x64 2016-03-05 22-19-21-30

Meanwhile, Alyse had quietly slipped down to the family vault.  Zoe’s death made her realize that sooner or later, not only Zoe, but her own mother, would pass on and be gone.  She looked at the urns of those who had come before Fearghus, and she felt sad, realizing that it was just a matter of time until on their own.

She was not ready to let her mom go.  What would happen to Aubree?  Alyse knew that Elodie loved Aubree, and she herself had grown up with a single parent, but she’d never known what it was like to live with two parents.   Alyse vowed that she would make sure that Aubree had a bigger circle, with them, than just Elodie, when Echo Weaver was gone.

TS4_x64 2016-03-05 21-42-42-85

At sunset, Fox asked permission to go tell Aunt Felicity the good news.  Fearghus called ahead and told Felicity that Fox was coming to see her, and she was waiting in the grass when he ran down the hill and into sight. TS4_x64 2016-03-05 21-22-05-45

Gameplay Notes:

TS4_x64 2016-03-05 20-50-34-42

  • The Failed to Conceive emotion and animation is so sad.  And Alyse has been the slowest sim to conceive, on regular EA settings, so far in all my save games.  She had five negative pregnancy tests.  I think my record, before that, was Elise, at two or three.
  • After the 30 minutes that Grim allowed Delaney to live, when Elise gave him the death flower, I didn’t expect long for Zoe, even if Fox succeeded with his plea.  But she got more time.
  • I also got the notification that Echo Weaver didn’t have long to live, about the time all this happened.

Sakura didn’t come to the party, because she was still a baby when Fox aged up, but here’s her picture.  I think she’s gorgeous!  She got Yuki’s eyes and Fiona’s hair.

Behr Sakura portrait child


20 Comments so far:

  1. chealsycat says:

    Great that Fox managed to save his Mom.

  2. Wow! Fox is just absolutely adorable.

    I’m glad Zoe at least got more than 30 minutes. Elise and Delaney really got cheated, though it was so perfect for their story. Zoe of all sims ought to get more time.

    This layer of trying and failing to conceive add so much realism to the game. Poor Feargus and Alyse. Since this is Sims, I’m sure it will happen for them eventually.

    And my simself is almost gone. 🙁 She’s had the most interesting life in your game as in any game she’s joined, Sims 3 or 4. Thanks for adding her.

  3. cathytea says:

    Ok, so Alyse is Echo’s daughter? And Aubree is her baby sister? Oh! That’s neat–Alyse’s little sister and Fearghus’s little brother could grow up as step-sibling cousins! 🙂

    Fox is adorable.

  4. Susan, Echo Weaver was a great addition to the game, and I’m glad you enjoyed her life in it 🙂 I don’t know what’s up with not being able to subscribe to comments. I checked the settings for discussion and they look fine, but maybe it is another issue, and I can’t think where else to look.

    Cathy, some of your confusion may have come from me calling her Susan for a while on the blog–I thought Echo Weaver’s first name was Susan, but then when I was getting new profile pictures for the family tree page I realized it was Echo Weaver. Alyse was her only daughter for a long time, and then she married Elodie late in life and they had Aubree, thanks to story progression (MC Command Center!). True, Aubree and Fox will be like cousins. Thanks for commenting!

  5. Echo Weaver says:

    Yes, that’s me. My name is Susan, but I’ve used Echoweaver as an online handle for at least 15 years, and I still use it as a gaming profile to distinguish my gaming online life from all the other stuff I do online. It divides out nicely into a believable name, so that’s what I named my simself. It also nicely avoid the problem of all simselves have the last name “Simself.”

    For some reason, my above comment auto-populated with my real name, but usually I use Echo Weaver when commenting too. I’m not really trying to be anonymous.

  6. Glad removing cookies and/or configuring your WordPress helped! Because I didn’t know where else to look to troubleshoot!

  7. Fox is so cute! Aww, he wanted more time with his momma, and he got it. Do you know exactly how much longer she’ll have? I hope she’ll be able to see him into his teen years, at least.

    Also, on a side note, is your Grim FAT!?! lol! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a fat Grim in anyone’s pictures before. That is too funny. Has he been eating too many souls in your game? 😉

    • I think her bar was still twinkly, so it is unknown how much time she has. In my experience, they have very little time on pleading. The Grim in the legacy game file is fat! Maybe he has eaten too many souls, after all, it is Gen 6. Sometime when I’m looking through Gen 4-6 I’ll have to pinpoint when he got fat! Thanks for commenting!

  8. Carla says:

    Any way to know how much time Zoe has left now, with her second chance? Does the age bar reset or is she likely to just shuffle off again sometime soon? Regardless, I’m glad for Fox especially, that they have a bit more time together.

    I don’t think I knew about the Failed to Conceive moodlet but that’s a nice little addition. Sad, of course…but from a storytelling perspective, it’s cool that they thought of it.

    Sakura is very pretty and Fox is adorable too, while we’re at it.

  9. Carla, no, I really still have no idea how long Zoe has. It doesn’t really reset to the beginning of elderhood; and I don’t know how the length of time is determined. The Failed to Conceive is very cool! I like Sakura’s look a lot. Fox got a lot of Goth features, the long nose, the receded chin, but he is cute. He looks a lot like Elise, come to think of it.

  10. maisie says:

    Too funny on a fat grim!! I didn’t know that was possible in any of the games! I am SO glad that Fox was able to save his Mom, and I hope that he gets more time than expected with her. It’s a shame that he would lose her especially on his birthday! How cruel would that be?! He’s really adorable, and I like his Goth features, I also like Elise so that makes sense!

    Sakura is really pretty, she’s a good mix of both her parents, and I’m excited to see Fox and Sakura grow up together. Sad on Echo having her time coming to a close, feels like they might lose two matriarchs very close together.

    • I think that Grim might have a glutton trait. I can’t see him in Manage Households, but I bet he does have it. Fox really got the Goth features– they seem to have been pretty dominant over Maddi’s features.

      I think Sakura’s really pretty too, such pretty coloring and soft features. Kind of the opposite of Fox’s pointy nose (which I didn’t know when I named him). Yes, I’m sad too about Zoe and Echo’s time being almost up. Thanks for commenting, Maisie!

  11. Fox and Sakura are both soooo cute 😀 I’m glad Zoe had more time, especially since Fox is still so little, I hope Feraghus and Alysse get a child soon too so Zoe could meet him/her 🙂

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