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December 5, 2016      In Take Me to the Moon 8 Comments

Take Me to the Moon 6.29

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Friday night, the Spice Festival opened.  Soon, the heavy aromas of rich curries, star anise, fish sauce, and garlic ginger hung in the air as vividly as the bright lanterns strung about.  Street musicians and hawkers of collectibles set up and neighbors began to pour out of their homes and into the streets.


Upon arriving at the festival, Fox was very happy to see that Rosie was there.  And she seemed happy to see him, too.


“We should go sing karaoke sometime,” she told him.   Fox managed to act cool, but inside, he was terrified at the prospect of singing in front of anyone, and especially, Rosie.

Meanwhile, Grayson was practicing his telepathy, trying to deduce which sims at the festival might be possible friends.  It was only two days til his teen birthday, and he still hadn’t made any friends since moving.

No luck, but at least he felt more focused, which was no minor achievement with the amount of distracting stimuli surrounding him.


Alyse had met up with her newly-found half-sister, Isla.  Isla was unhappily surveying the variety of foods to be bought from the stalls.


Fox noticed that Arun’s wife, who was pregnant, was beginning to show quite a bit.  Arun had told Fox that they’d found out the baby was a girl, and they were planning to name her Gracie.


Alyse ordered some Pho and went to sit with Fox to eat it.  Rosie had left and he was chatting with another girl, who seemed pretty annoyed with Fox.


“Need some help with those chopsticks?” Fearghus teased as Alyse fumbled with them.


“I can do this,” Alyse said, intently trying to grab a slippery noodle with the ornery little sticks.


Just as she managed to get a bite in her mouth, the girl Fox was talking with began to flirt with him.


Fearghus excused himself to go buy and place some fireworks.  A guy named Lucas Canary came over to watch him light it, but it sort of fizzled and sputtered, and died.

“It’s a dud,” Lucas said.  Apparently all glitz and no substance.  “I’d rather be lifting weights.”


Fearghus perked up.  “I’ve been looking for a new gym,” he said.  “Any recommendations?”

“Meet me tomorrow morning at the gym in uptown,” Lucas said.  “And bring your work ethic.”

At 9:00 AM on Saturday morning, Fearghus met up with Lucas.


“I’m not in peak shape like I used to be,” Fearghus said, “but I’m ready to work.”

Lucas said he knew the perfect trainer for Fearghus.


Adaline Carraci owned a restaurant, but she trained at the gym on the side.  She told Fearghus they’d get him whipped back into shape in no time, if he was willing to work.


Fearghus didn’t even take a break to go say hi to Elsa, across the gym, but that was more due to his insecurity than his work ethic.  Elsa was his girlfriend before Alyse, briefly, and then married a guy named Josh Grayson.  She looked like she was expecting her first baby.


That evening, Rosie texted Fox and asked him on a date at the Chowder House.  She said she couldn’t stop thinking of him.


Fearghus, who dropped Fox off at the restaurant where he was meeting Rosie, ran into his sister Fiona, who was there with Yuki, her wife.


Fearghus gave her a key to the new apartment, and told her to come by anytime.


Grayson and Alyse were visiting the Jangs again, hoping they might end up being friends, since they lived right across the hall.


Billie was still standoffish with Grayson, so he pretended to be interested in the parents’ conversation.


Fearghus had bought some spices at the festival and decided to make some chili for when everyone got home.


However, it turned out, he didn’t have whatever skill level he needed to be able to use the fresh spices he bought, and he ended up making the chili the same as always.


At 3 AM, when everyone was asleep, Fox woke and quietly worked on his singing.  “Doe… doe… me…. doe,” he tentatively vocalized.  It was  a good thing he’d begun working on this because it was going to take some work to be Rosie-ready.


Gameplay Notes:

  • Rosie didn’t really invite Fox to karaoke, but two out of four of the community lots in San Myshuno are karaoke bars, so I imagine that’s what they would do locally, on a date.  Fox sounded like he was strangling when he tried to sing.  I think he would have been so embarrassed to sing in front of Rosie.   Rosie did flirt with him and then later called him up for a date to the Chowder House (built by Jenba).
  • Only two sim days till Grayson’s teen birthday!

8 Comments so far:

  1. It looks like the family is having a lot of fun in the city 🙂 Loved seeing some of the old characters like Elsa and especially Fiona 🙂 and I am glad Fox is having a new love interest 😀

    • Thanks, V, they are having a pretty good time! I was also so glad to see their old friends and family around town. I’ve always looked forward to Elsa’s children; she is such a fascinating looking sim. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Carla says:

    I need a karaoke bar in my game! I just realised I don’t actually have one! That’s a pretty hardcore activity for a first date (unless you’re like Adele or someone, I guess), so I can see why Fox might be a little nervous. Let’s hope he gets that voice into shape before he has to sing in front of Rosie!

    Loved seeing Elsa again. I always liked her! I’m glad she found someone else and I hope we get to see their baby one day. 🙂

    Grayson is going to be very interesting to watch as a teen. He’s such a little oddball!

    • True! Karaoke would be really intimidating for a first date for most people, I’d think! Karaoke is so much fun to watch in Sims 2, and although I’ve only seen lower level sims singing in Sims 4, the animations look great so far. At first I was thinking, I should have just put Fox out there and gone ahead, but another sim that had Singing skill level 2 got embarrassed while doing karaoke with her sister, and that made me glad I’d held back. That death from mortification is not something I want to risk.

      I’m hoping Grayson will continue to be a fun character in my head and I’ll be able to write him well– he has been one of my favorite child sims to write about. Thank you for commenting!

  3. maisie says:

    I love Jenba’s lots! <3 It looks like everyone is settling in nicely, and beginning to adapt. I’m not sure there’s much hope for Billie and Grayson (I didn’t realize Elise married a Grayson… that’s ironic). Will we get to see Elise’s baby? I’m always interested in what happens to those that grow up but don’t marry into the family. She looks good!

    I hope that Grayson can find a friend. That’s rough. I had a hard time with that in my TS4 game with the second born kids (they were twins). It seemed that the only options in the hood just didn’t like them, and one was social. Hopefully Grayson can make a friend before he grows up, or at least as soon as he does.

    It looks like Fox has a few possibilities, but I’m rather fond of Rosie. It’s nice seeing Fearghus getting his muscles back, but I didn’t like his trainer, not after he didn’t respond to Alyse’s banter. Call me a worrywart!

    • Me too, Maisie, Jenba’s lots are amazing! When I re-built the Tesla’s world this time I used her Blythe Harbor for Willow Creek and it is so much fun to go to those lots now.

      It’s interesting your sim kids have also had trouble finding friends sometimes. Billie certainly didn’t want anything to do with Grayson, which was sort of a welcome development since I hadn’t noticed any real difficulty in making friends between sims up until then. Grayson generally just wanted to do his homework and skill (and steal), though, so it really didn’t bother him much.

      Rosie is really cheerful and I like her too. But I might be able to assuage your worries about Fearghus and his trainer pretty well because he responded to Alyse once they got home and his embarrassment over the haggling wore off. He and Alyse are pretty much constantly seeking each other out and their relationship is really strong. I just don’t show it all the time. It’s nice that you care though!

  4. Echo Weaver says:

    Hello! Trying to catch up on my phone. Lucas! I guess he would get along well with Feargus.

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