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When Llamas Coddle

November 28, 2016      In Take Me to the Moon 11 Comments

Take Me to the Moon 6.28

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Fearghus, Alyse, Grayson, and Fox arrived at their newly rented brownstone apartment  in the Spice Market area, just after sunset on Wednesday evening.  Tired from the move, they decided to rest now, explore later.


Alyse and the boys were up by 5:30 AM.  Through the fog that pressed against the huge kitchen windows, a grand suspension bridge was barely visible.


Fox had been glum since leaving the island.  He and Adriana had just gotten together, finally, and now it seemed like they might as well have never met.


Grayson, who detested the slightest suggestion of wallowing in self-pity, chided Fox.  “If I recall, since the onset of adolescence, the lack of prospects on that island were a daily source of dissatisfaction for you.”


“I would think one might take the opportunity to explore the abundant possibilities, rather than go on endlessly about a limited, solitary loss,” Grayson said.


“Twerp,” Fox said under his breath.

“No need to be petulant,” Grayson muttered under his, as he headed to Fox’s bedroom (and his mother’s new writing room) to hone his math skills on the computer.

“Now, for a productive use of my time,” he thought to himself.


The rising sun was burning off the rest of the fog.


Fearghus and Alyse discussed how to use the remaining personal day Fearghus and the children had taken, before returning to work and school.  Alyse wanted to visit the food market nearby.  Fearghus wanted to get out and go for a jog.

“I have a hair appointment at 9:00,” Alyse reminded him.   Fearghus grimaced.  She knew (because he always told her) that he loved her just the way she was.  He wasn’t a big fan of change.

“Between the big birthday, and the change of pace here in the city, I feel like I need a little more polished look.”

It was decided that while Alyse went to her appointment, Fearghus would take the boys downstairs, where Grayson and Fox might have the chance to meet some new friends and Fearghus could go for a run.


Fox wanted to go out and explore but he was staring out the window instead.  Grayson went to tell him they were going downstairs.

“Come along,” he said.


Within moments of arriving at the playground, Fox was secretly glad he’d resisted the urge to stay upstairs, which he’d seriously considered, out of spite for Grayson.

A girl, about his age, was standing there, inexplicably.


For what seemed like a long moment, Fox couldn’t think what to say.


“Hi, I’m Fox, what’s your name?” he finally managed.

“Rosie,” she said.

They chatted.  Rosie asked if Fox had just moved in, and he asked what sort of things she liked to do around here.  She seemed interested in going out in the city, and they exchanged phone numbers.  Fox hoped if he texted her later, she’d respond.

Meanwhile, Fearghus took a light jog around the big open area, so as to stay within sight of Grayson.  He wasn’t sure how much attention Fox would pay to Grayson while absorbed with making a new friend, especially one with whom he seemed quite enamored.


It was nice to be active.  Fearghus felt he’d lost a ton of muscle lately, while focusing so much on his work, which had been a real grind for quite a while.  As he returned to Fox and Grayson, he decided to take Fox and go to the gym for a more complete workout.  An epic workout.


Alyse returned from her appointment and looked in the mirror approvingly.  She felt she still looked like herself, but a little more elegant.


She hung the picture of her dad and her on the wall over her desk, and opened up her current writing project, “Pet Turtles are not for Eating,” a children’s chapter book.

Within five minutes, she switched to BliK Blok.  “Not much time to write today, anyway,” she told herself.


At the gym, Fearghus was thoroughly enjoying feeling that familiar burn, and Fox found a new target for his frustrations.


Meanwhile, Grayson, who was disappointed not to have met any peers at the playground, asked his mom if they could visit the neighbors.

Anaya Jang, who lived across the hall, answered the door.  Her daughter, Billie, had just arrived home from school, but wasn’t interested in playing with Grayson.


Alyse and Anaya looked at each other awkwardly for a moment


Then Alyse mentioned they moved to the city partly so she could be a part of a community of writers and artists, and Anaya said that was the same reason they’d moved– Anaya was a singer song writer, who loves to paint.


“We have to get coffee soon,” Anaya said, “and get to know each other better.”


“Maybe while the kids are at school,” she added, wryly, noticing Billie steadfastly ignoring Grayson.


On the way back across the hall, Alyse noticed a message board in the hall and left a cheery message to brighten the neighbors’ day, if they happened to see it.


Grayson was in his room, feeling the sting of rejection from Billie.


Alfred the Llama whispered in his ear.  “Things were bound to get worse before they got better, sir.  One can hardly expect to start a new life without a challenge.”ts4_x64-2016-11-23-17-15-08-06

That evening, Alyse, Fearghus, and Fox headed down to the Spice Market after putting Grayson to bed.   Alyse listened to a street musician for a while.


While Fox met another kid his age, Arun Bheeda, who was sipping a latte.


When Fearghus arrived, he and Alyse headed over to the curry stand, where Fearghus attempted to haggle over the price.


Only to find himself scolded by the vendor.

“I can barely make the rent for this booth as it is,” she said.


“Are there any girls around here?” Fox asked Arun.


Arun looked at him blankly.  Turns out, he was a newlywed, with a new baby on the way.


Fearghus, still feeling meek after the vendor’s tongue-lashing, sat down to eat his curry.


Alyse took a big bite of her Bhel Puri and immediately started to grimace.


Her mouth was on fire!


“Of course, this could help “spice” things up in bed later . . .” she said.


Fearghus did not look pleased at the prospect.  But she wasn’t sure if it was a lack of interest or if he was still embarrassed over failing at haggling.  Probably the latter, she thought, because he usually quite enjoyed sadism banter.


They arrived back upstairs after their date.  Grayson was watching PolitiSim.

“As a new citizen of San Myshuno, I need to be informed about our newly elected chief executive,” he stated.  “Who knows, he could be a fascist.”

“As a child, you need to be in bed,” Fearghus chided.


“Don’t worry about the spicy mouth,” Alyse said, as she kissed Fearghus chastely on the cheek.  “I’m going to go brush my teeth . . . with my extra strong mint toothepaste.”


Gameplay Notes:

  • I haven’t cheated back Adriana and Fox’s relationship (girlfriend/boyfriend) since remaking the Tesla’s save.  So they never have met, in this save.  But with him moving to the city, I don’t think I will add it back.  As a romance sim, he’s still working on his first aspirational level, to have a girlfriend.
  • With the new save, Fearghus has lost all his muscles!  His fitness just reset to basic, so he’s got a lot of work to do.
  • Billie Jang wouldn’t have anything to do with Grayson.  He introduced himself, but she just walked away.
  • Alyse would only write for a few minutes before starting to play games.  I don’t know if it’s a glitch with the studio buff (the lot trait) or if it was just a fluke.
  • Fearghus got an embarrassed moodlet after attempting to haggle.  But I’m really not making this stuff up about Fearghus & Alyse’s banter- “risque comment” is one of their favorites and usually goes with a handcuffs thought bubble.  This time it was made by Alyse while her mouth was on fire.

11 Comments so far:

  1. I loved seeing the Teslas again 😀 The new city looks great as well, can’t wait to see more 🙂

    • Thanks, V! The city is nicely done, especially background, and the common area. I am a little frustrated with the lack of ability to customize the interior, and even the exterior, of apartment buildings, or place more community lots. But glad you are enjoying it and thank you so much for reading!

  2. Welcome to San Myshuno, Tesla family.

    Fog??? I don’t play with my advanced effects on, so maybe that’s why I’ve never seen it? I will give it a try next time I’m in that neighborhood.

    Grayson! He is such a funny kid, schooling his big brother on hookup culture and keeping up with who might be a fascist, lol!

    Alyse looks so great with her makeover. Totally suited to the big city!

    I’m so glad to hear from these guys (and you!) again! 😀

  3. Ha- did you see the graphics on that news program? The guy making the speech looks like he’s doing a “heil Hitler” salute. It was funny that they put Grayson to bed and then when they returned he was up watching political tv.

    I didn’t realize the fog wasn’t showing up for everyone. It’s pretty impressive in the early morning. If you ask me, weather would be the number one most valuable addition to the game at this point, even more than toddlers and preteens, which are desperately needed. Thanks for reading & commenting, Laura!

  4. Carla says:

    I guess a romance sim would be unlikely to have the same girlfriend all his life anyway, so Adriana and Fox’s sort-of-break-up makes sense. Rosie looks like a cute sim though, so it might be interesting to see what happens with her.

    Ha, a “risque comment” interaction paired with a handcuffs speech bubble is very risque indeed! That’s cute!

    Is this the hood from the new EP? Are Arun and Anaya sims from that hood or did you make them? They’ve got really interesting faces.

    • Hi Carla! True, Fox would be moving on soon anyway, but you should have seen how puppy-dog devoted he was to Adriana. This is the new ‘hood in City Living, the grand metropolis of San Myshuno. Arun and Anaya are townies that came with the pack, and I agree, I thought that they were terrific. To me, the sims that came in the pack was one of its strengths. The developers definitely wanted a broader feel than Americana with this pack. You should see some of the beautiful formalwear. There’s a sari that I adore and lots of new hair, although no really great afros. Thank you for commenting!

  5. maisie says:

    Oh the city is after my heart!! I love it so much! I’m so glad that they made the move here, even if it was tough for Fox, that’s life of an independent sometimes! Rosie is adorable, though if he’s a romance, then maybe I don’t want him to date her, yet! Grayson cracks me up! And poor Fearghus, he really did lose his muscles, it does happen in real life, very quickly unfortunately. Alyse looks like a First Lady! Very classy and elegant! I love this whole update, they seem like they are working to find their footing, and learn the ways of the city and city people!

  6. Maisie, so true, it’s really hard in real life to maintain that kind of muscle mass! I’m glad you’re enjoying seeing them in the city and thanks for commenting!

  7. Echo Weaver says:

    Hello! I have a lot to catch up on.

    Thanks for the nice comments on my blogs. I’m around, but I haven’t felt very creative or simmy for the last few months. It’s really nice to see how the Teslas are doing. Alyse’s new look is such a small change with such a big impact! She looks like a million simoleons :).

    • Hi Susan! Glad you like Alyse’s new look, I think she looks quite stylish too. She and Fearghus (in game, not at the time of this post) are getting within days of elder now; but you’ve got about 11-12 updates to go (2-3 of which aren’t published yet and about one not played yet) before they’ll age up to elder. My game is paused just before Grayson becomes a young adult, and I’ll be waiting for the first patch after vampires before continuing. Did you see we got toddlers in Sims 4? So Grayson will have to parent a toddler to further the legacy. It’s great to hear from you but I also understand not feeling simmy. I hope life is treating you well, especially your family & your new job.

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